Philosophy of Psychiatry Work in Progress Day, Lancaster, 2017

On the 2nd of June 2017 the Philosophy of Psychiatry work in progress day took place at Lancaster University. The following papers were presented:

Rachel Cooper (Lancaster) – Intentional actions, symptom checklists, and problems with cross-cultural validity

Marcin Moskalewicz (Oxford) – Ipseity, self-consciousness, and the problem of time in schizophrenia

Owen Earnshaw (Durham) – Psychosis and the Grammar of Interpersonal Relations

Moujan Mirdamadi (Lancaster) – Death-consciousness and Depression in Iran

Ian Hare (UEA) – Qualitative Methods: a Philosophical Toolkit for Cognitive Psychiatry

Rachel Gunn (Birmingham) – The Delusional Experience as a Breakdown in Affective Framing

Anneli Jefferson (Birmingham) – ‘Mental disorders and brain disorders – an obsolete distinction?’

Joel Kruger (Exeter) – Unworlding and Affective Externalism in Schizophrenia

Victoria Allison-Bolger – “‘A thing like the ocean’ – using metaphor in understanding psychoses”

Gloria Ayob – Personal autonomy and serious psychopathology

Sam Fellows (Lancaster) – Causal Structures vs Causal Mechanisms: Implications for RDoC

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