Philosophy of Psychiatry Work in Progress Day, Lancaster, 2015

On the 5th of June 2015 the Philosophy of Psychiatry Work in Progress day took place. This year’s workshop was dedicated to the memory of Harry Lesser. The following papers were presented.

Sam Fellowes: “Which behavioural manifestations count for symptom formulation can be relative to psychiatric classifications, with implications for DSM, RDoC and Social Constructivism”

Hane Maung: “Do Diagnoses in Psychiatry Function as Explanations?”

Dieneke Hubbeling: “Homeostatic Property Cluster and Illness Entitlements”

George Turner: “Separating causation from correlation: a cautionary tale from the history of testing depression and self esteem”

Rachel Cooper: “Where’s the problem? Laing, extended cognition and social models of disability”

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