Media sensitisation event held for ACTUATE

Image of biodigester

HATOF Foundation in Ghana hosted an engagement event for the media on 28 January to promote ACTUATE. As the digester at Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School nears completion, representatives from key media houses across radio, TV and digital and printed press attended the presentations and visit to the Madina site. Media outputs from this event […]

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ACTUATE holds successful community durbar in Madina Zongo

View of chiefs, imams and the durbar high table

ACTUATE held a community durbar in Madina Zongo, Accra on 14 October to introduce the project to the community and raise awareness of the positive impacts of a circular economy. The durbar was led by HATOF Foundation with the support of CSIR-IIR, GreenAd and Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School. The durbar welcomed key members of […]

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ACTUATE and RECIRCULATE promoting sustainable biogas for communities in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

One of the key objectives of both RECIRCULATE and ACTUATE is driving eco-innovation in Africa, through capacity building for a safe circular water economy. Of considerable importance is using partnership-based approaches to enable African researchers grow transformational impact through working with non-governmental organizations, business groups and communities in developing robust, sustainable and equitable partnerships focused […]

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Blog: Fantastic adolescent girls as WASH change agents

In October 2019, a team of researchers from Lancaster and Ghana travelled to Bangladesh for a knowledge sharing visit to visit a successfully implemented series of Sanitation Safety Plan (SSP) and Water Safety Plan (WSP) activities completed in the Last 100 Meters project. A major aim of the visit was to learn the best practices implemented […]

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Weather station installation makes the national news

Weather stations have been installed at the chief’s palace at Gbegbeyise and Umar Bun Hatab Islamic basic school at Madina Zongo to provide data for the Environmental Monitoring componet of WP2 research. The fencing of the two weather stations were undertaken from 19th – 23rd August by opinion leaders from Gbegbeyise with collaboration from their Madina Zongo […]

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ACTUATE project launched

  Lancaster University is leading a major new project that promises to tackle major global development issues and improve lives in communities across two African countries. Funded with around £700,000 from the Global Challenges Research Fund Translation Awards call, through UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the ACTUATE programme will build on the work started in […]

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