Project progress

Explore the progress of our project in Accra, Ghana and Benin, Nigeria. 

Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School, located in the Madina Zongo community, is the site of the anaerobic digester for the project in Accra. Key partners are CSIR-IIR, GreenAd, HATOF Foundation, SSGL and Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School.

University of Benin hosts the anaerobic digester close to their Centre for Global Eco-Innovation. 

Accra, Ghana

Image of septic tank site where the digester will be built
The site at Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School is surveyed and prepared in advance of construction beginning. 
The CSIR team construct the components of the digester system in their workshop before transporting them to the site for installation.
The supporting frame for the anaerobic digester is installed. 
The macerator that will chop up the material fed into the system is installed and the frame is painted in the colours of the Umar Bun Hatab Islamic School.
Image of biodigester
Once the frame is installed, the installation of the biodigester tanks begins. 
The CSIR team is installing the digester tanks and then will install the connections to create the digester system.
Two men lay a pipe in a trench, in front of the biodigester.
The connections between the components of the biodigester have been placed and the system tested for leaks. 
Final stages of the bio-digester construction
A bird's eye view of the biodigester

Community engagement

Several engagement events have been organised to showcase the ACTUATE project and its aims to community leaders, ministers, associations and media. 

Attendees of the inception meeting display the ACTUATE banner
Inception meeting - 10 July 2020
HATOF Foundation organised an inception meeting to introduce ACTUATE to stakeholders in the community and government.
Key community members at the mosque listening to presentations
Sensitisation event - 29 July 2020
The head and management of Umar Bun Hatab Islamic Basic School held a sensitisation session in conjunction with CSIR for teachers and the Madina Zongo community. 
Media engagement - 28 January 2021
HATOF Foundation, Ghana hosted an engagement event for key radio, TV, digital and printed press representatives, who attended the presentations and visited to the bio-digester site.
Dr Richard Bayitse addresses attendees at community durbar
Community durbar - 18 October 2020
HATOF Foundation organised a community durbar to engage with the Madina Zongo community leaders including the Chiefs and Imams.
Presentation of ACTUATE on NET2 TV
Presentation of ACTUATE on NET2 TV (As sirat programme) featured Mr. Imoro Sulemana Headmaster, UBH School Accra, Ghana and Dr Kofi Ampomah-Benefo, CSIR, Ghana.
Showlab construction

University of Benin, Nigeria

Site progress

Site preparation
Work is underway to prepare the designated demonstrator site at University of Benin. The site is being cleared of vegetation ready for the construction of the anaerobic digester. 
Digester installation
UniBen and Avenam are working to install the digester, including the bag to collect the biogas. 
The biodigester and biogas bag will be protected inside the housing compartments..
biodigester progress 
The bag will store the biogas produced by the digester until it is used, either directly as a fuel or converted to electricity by a generator. 

Community engagement

School engagement
Stakeholder meetings were held with the University Staff School and University Demonstration Staff School to introduce ACTUATE. 
University of Benin ACTUATE team and students win the Youth Leadership Programme change project competition
University of Benin Chemical Engineering Students, mentored and supported by Dr. Andrew Amenaghawon have won the LEAP AFRICA 2020 Youth Leadership Program change project competition with a continuous loading mini biodigester capable of converting organic waste to methane gas for cooking. This project has also received seed funding from LEAP AFRICA.