‘pain and Pain’, by M-S-Y

The difference between lowercase-p, pain, and uppercase-P, Pain, is huge. Bigger than just a shift-key should make it. The difference between “Yeah, let’s go on a hike today!” and “I can’t walk today.” The difference between pain that ends, and Pain that just backs off for a while. The difference between the morning pills and the afternoon […]

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‘Nothing’, by Una Sombra

I am in the centre of nothing. Nothing cushions me. Nothing protects me I am comfortable surrounded by nothing Nothing is nice and kind and gentle. I am nobody in nothing I am special in nothing Nothing matters in nothing Nothing is everything I am nothing Nothing touches me I touch nothing Nothing moves me […]

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‘The Diagnosis’, by Roseanne Watt

A rookery, long abandoned now,  had been built inside my body. I don’t know where the birds went or why, one day, they uninhabited, leaving only their barbed-wire  residues, strung across the boughs of my hips; all sticks and spit,  all hollows meant for holding  something small, still desperately alive. I’m sorry – I’m afraid  […]

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