Sara Wasson

‘Hagalaz’, by Ruth V. Chalkley

In Lithuanian, runoti means both “to cut (with a knife)” and “to speak”.       Hail: Hagalaz       Pain, loss, suffering, hardship, sickness, crisis.        Spirit-breaker        Faith-Taker        Misery-Maker        Joy-Stealer        Dream-Breaker        Shadow-Hound.            Thought-Waker        Friend-Fooler       […]

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‘It was necessary to lend myself to the memory’, by Amy Allara

It was necessary to lend myself to the memory  of a body that could.  To separate from the broken figure,  the body that would not listen.  To not pretend.  To forego.  To not waste the clock’s signal.  To set it straight.  To disown magical inclinations.  To attach to that which understands.  To disavow the indifferent.  […]

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