Sara Wasson

‘pain and Pain’, by M-S-Y

The difference between lowercase-p, pain, and uppercase-P, Pain, is huge. Bigger than just a shift-key should make it. The difference between “Yeah, let’s go on a hike today!” and “I can’t walk today.” The difference between pain that ends, and Pain that just backs off for a while. The difference between the morning pills and the afternoon […]

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ANNOUNCING SYMPOSIUM: Representing Pain: Fragments and Narrative

Representing Pain:  Fragments and Narrative A symposium at Lancaster University Friday 17 August 2018, 9:00 am -5.30 pm I am delighted to announce a Symposium to be held at Lancaster University on Friday 17 August, exploring the challenges pain poses to traditional narrative representation, and the way it may require rethinking narrativity or embracing unconventional […]

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