Sara Wasson


body hangs off me like a scab, torture-punished brain a scared little animal peering out of skull, rats gnaw at the base of psyche,  lick rusty razor blade,  electric flame slice belly,  fiery metal spears dangle from gut,  The great beast paws idly at my entrails, sparking shark teeth chew slowly up leg, thrust scorching […]

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‘Footsteps’, by Jacqueline Woods

Pain permeates her dreams, Seeps into this anaemic morning. Sucking breath to unhinge each joint stuck fast through the cramp of night. The bathroom is an agony away, Tender feet must scrape each step while Wincing fingers trace the rails along her jagged journey. Tap turners levered by cankered wrists bring the gush and plunge […]

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‘Shooting stars’, by Marion Michell

Worst days pain ricochets like shooting stars with pinball crushes. Oh the love! Releases fiery goo when ramming rib, tooth, bone. Skull reels alone; body razed by frequent flyer flares, flags pushed here there, declaring consternation zones. Each smart begets another, emulates, and brass bands march in new-laid grooves, playing their loudest, most discordant tunes. […]

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