Waking up at 6.00am I suddenly jolted upright and realised that today was the day! I cannot believe how quick my summer has come and gone, it does not seem one minute since I was downing two pints of cider to celebrate my last exam! Suddenly, my Stepdad broke my trail of thought by yelling again but this time louder than before…

“Get up you cretin!”              

I sleepily rolled out of bed and hoped that jumping in the shower would wake me up! I cannot really describe to you how I felt at that moment when I first woke up; it was a mixture of nerves, apprehension and excitement that coursed through my veins. As hoped the shower woke me up so I was no longer a morning zombie that must be avoided at all costs! My morning involved throwing the final items into my case and praying that I was not over the 23kg luggage allowance.

When we got to the airport a woman asked me before checking in when I was intending on returning to England, I replied that I was never coming back! Not seeing the funny side she asked me what I meant and then I told her that I had not booked a return flight home and would be back sometime the following April! My Mum would be devastated if I did not come home haha! She seems to think that I will fall head over heels in love with a Canadian and never want to return but I will have to come back at some point anyway to take the rest of my wardrobe over to Canada with me! Oh, and to complete my degree.

Anyway, once I had checked in I bumped into my friend at the security gates, he was with his Mum and Dad. His Mum gripped me and told me that she felt like giving me a hug and it felt like she knew me already! I then turned to my own parents. My Stepdad was looking upset, his eyes were twinkling in the light, and I had never seen him tearful before! My Mum on the other hand was sniffling quietly, but I had expected that, I told her to bring a box of tissues with her so she was prepared for the waterfall of tears that would proceed as soon as I waved goodbye to her. I gave them each a kiss and a hug and I was surprised when my Stepdad gently slipped a letter into my hand that he told me to read later. I then let a few tears roll down my cheek and headed off through the security checkpoint with my friend in tow. I turned back and waved to them about 10 times, it felt like I was in a film such as Love Actually. Goodness I am going to miss them and I could not ask for more supportive parents! They are 100% behind me and the tears were a mixture of sadness but also happiness as I have achieved a dream and they are so proud of me!

I am currently sat on the plane right now! My friend and I have had some luck indeed! When I booked my tickets I selected my seats but I could not sit next to my friend as the seats next to him were reserved. When I asked an employee from Canadian Air if it was possible to sit next to my friend he was happy to print us out new boarding passes out. Much to my delight we have ended up sitting just behind the posh business class. We received a free pillow, blanket and have more than enough leg room that I appreciate as I have been told in the past that I have got giraffe legs. We are about half an hour into our journey long. A long, long journey. But I am pleased to confirm that my adventure has officially begun!