Hello Paperwork

“Okay, so I’ve got the thumbs up to study abroad, now what?!”

The feeling of excitement, ecstasy and disbelief that coursed through my veins when I was first told that I’d be going abroad for my 2nd year of university has been replaced by an overwhelming sense of panic!


I can’t describe it really! It’s like I’ve hit a brick wall! I’ve been ragging on at 100mph since the start of university and now exams are over, holidays are over, and all seems quiet in the Bingham household! I don’t think that it’s quite sunk in yet, the fact that I’m going across the pond to begin a new chapter of my life, (well it isn’t really a pond, more like 3,612.61 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and to the Western side of Canada!)

Map of North America and Europe

Don’t get me wrong, YES I’m excited beyond belief, when I found out that I was going I started hugging everyone like a I was some sort of possessed life-size teddybear! However, I’m a tiny bit scared too! I will be away from the new amazing friends that I’ve met during my first year at Lancaster University. The family will also be missed, especially my furry feline friend Kitty. This time there isn’t any popping home on the train, which previously took about 2 hours, in order to escape my boy troubles at university or to hide from my upcoming exams! I’m just going to have to be mature and manage my entire life, practically on my own, in a foreign country may I add! I think that I can do that…

Anyway I’ve formulated a cunning action plan! Yesterday I purchased a notebook and decorated it solely for my year abroad.

image of a decorated notebook for Canada

This notebook is my plan in being super organised! I will not forget to book holiday insurance, book my flights or even to leave my passport within my underwear draw and realise this when I’m at the airport! No, this little book is my lifeline so I better not misplace it!

Now with all that said I better share with you my recent attempt at getting organised and putting everything in place for my year abroad.