Tah-Dah flights are booked

Phil, the guy that I’m going to Canada with whose also from Lancaster University, will happily tell you how much of a pain that I’m being at this current moment in time!

I’ve constantly been pestering him about the best flight deals or where to go for my insurance, when I could easily access this knowledge from the mighty search engine known as ‘Google’! However, Phil seems to have his head screwed on! That man has it sussed! I could do it on my own but I like the comfort of checking things through with Phil, after all it’s a learning experience for the both of us!

Anyway, I’m happy to confirm that my flights are now officially BOOKED! Yippie!

Image of the outside view from an aeroplane aeroplane

We fly from Manchester airport on the 30th August 2014! Which is only 6 weeks away, eeeeeck!

Unfortunately I’m sat on my own during the first journey from Manchester to Toronto, hopefully no one will fall asleep and decide to have a snooze on my shoulder.

However, there’s some good news! I’m sitting next to Phil during our 2nd flight from Toronto to Calgary on the air bus. Annoyingly, he’s nabbed the window seat though so I hope that he knows that I’ll be leaning across him with my binoculars and marvelling at the extraordinary views!

So all that’s left to sort now is doing some online shopping! I need some skiing gear! I’m hoping to battle down the bunny slops whilst I’m in Canada.

So that’s it from me now until I go (or something else interesting happens to me involving my year abroad)

Au revoir,

Laura xxx