My Canadian Bucket List

1. Visit the Lake Louise area

An image of the Lake Louise area.

2. See the Calgary Flames

3. Go to a music festival (even blues)

4. Go to The Hop In Brew because I enjoy playing pool and a nice drink!

5. Visit Banff and Jasper

6. See a bear (but be far enough away so I don’t get eaten)

7. Go to Glacier National Park, one of the most beautiful mountain passes or so I’ve been told!

8. Go skiing or snowboarding down a bunny slope!

9. Hopefully work towards my degree and not get distracted by everything.

10. Meet some friends for life!

I hope that you enjoyed this special ‘one month to go’ installment of my experience as an outbound exchange student, it will luckily for you be the last post you’ll get before my journey really begins. Thanks for reading!