upcoming 17/18 seminars

Sustainable entrepreneurship as a laboratory of social change?

12.00 – 1.30pm Thursday, 2nd Nov. 2017. C37/40 Charles Carter Building

Agata Dembek (Department of Organisation, Work & Technology | LUMS; Department of Management in Networked and Digital Societies MINDS, Center for Research on Organizations and Workplaces | Kozminski University)


My presentation will consist of two parts. Firstly, I intend to briefly present my research project, in which I use Actor-Network Theory perspective to analyse sustainable enterprises. The research combines extended case studies of enterprises, with discourse analysis conducted at hybrid fora. My goal is to describe and understand sustainability-oriented practices and patterns within organizations, without imposing triple-bottom line scheme of analysis.

Secondly, I would like to present the primary results of a pilot study, focusing on a case of a Polish disposable wheat bran tableware manufacturer. I will discuss the study results, as well as the lessons learned during empirical data collection, and their implications for the further research stages. The study presentation will revolve around questions such as: What would make an enterprise sustainable? What factors are decisive for sustainable enterprise development? How to differentiate actors/actants from conditions?

I would be very grateful for feedback, both theoretical (regarding the project’s conceptualization) and methodological (regarding the study design).