Michaelmas 1617 Seminars

11 – 12.30pm Fri 28th Oct LT5 Management School

Infusing sustainability into a University Problem-Based Learning environment 

Kathrin Otrel-Cass (Aalborg University)

In this discussion I will reflect on a study that investigated to what extent programmes at the faculty of engineering and science had included sustainability into their teaching and if so in what way. This was based on the commitment Aalborg University had made by signing the Copernicus University Charta on sustainability. I will share the pitfalls and possibilities we were able to identify.

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12 – 1.30pm 17th Nov C37/40 Charles Carter Building

Freaks, zealots and the silent majority: how MPs understand and act on climate change

Rebecca Willis (Sociology/ Lancaster Environment Centre)


12 – 1.30pm 8th Dec C37/40 Charles Carter Building

To what extent can Natural Capital concepts enable ecological sustainability? An overview of current initiatives.

Duncan Royle, eftec

In recent years there has been growing interest in natural capital ideas within, government, business and the NGO sector. This interest is manifest in the explosion of initiatives, tools and approaches that use natural capital concepts to promote environmental sustainability. This seminar will give an overview of the main current natural capital initiatives/approaches within the UK and globally. Key concepts will be described, as well as the aims and plans of the various initiatives. The presentation will also discuss the potential for promoting ecological sustainability.

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Bio: Duncan Royle is an Associate Consultant with eftec (Economics for the Environment Consultancy). He has worked with several natural capital initiatives, including a lead role in the development of the Corporate Natural Capital Accounting (CNCA) Framework for the UK Natural Capital Committee. Duncan is an alumni of Lancaster University, gaining his MA in Environmental Management and Consulting in 2013.