Green Huddle


Date:   5th February 2014

Venue:  Management School A217 (Executive Suite)

Please join us at the ‘Green Lancaster Huddle 2’ for a further opportunity to bring together the various sustainability communities across campus. The purpose of the event will again be to help strengthen and develop the existing sustainability communities through improving communications and networking at Lancaster University.

Following the initial ‘Green Huddle’ event in November, the project team has been working on several initiatives.

  • Development of a Behaviour Change Strategy
  • Development of Action Plans for events and activities and initiatives for 2014-15
  • Production of a simplified sustainability mapping document explaining highlighting the different sustainability actions, activities and teaching and research opportunities.

Overall objectives of initiative

  • To stimulate and help coordinate the Lancaster University sustainability community
  • Encourage and embed sustainable behaviours and understanding of sustainability issues, engaging the University community as a whole.
  • Facilitate the linking of teaching, research, and practice, utilising the significant expertise at the University.
  • To alter behaviour patterns in order to reduce carbon emissions and energy and resource consumption associated with University activities and operations.

Objectives of Green Lancaster Huddle 2

  • To provide a forum for your feedback on the draft Behaviour Change Strategy
  • To help develop a programme of events, activities, projects and learning to encourage sustainable behaviours.
  • To strengthen links between existing sustainability networks and individuals and identify the network of sustainability communities and key contacts.
  • To provide input to a simplified guide to current LU sustainability practice, teaching and research that is planned to be produced.
  • Invite thoughts and suggestions on how we could improve and embed sustainability both internally and externally.

What do you need to do?

Please come along and bring any interested colleagues who we might have missed.  If you have a chance, please review the attached draft Behaviour Change Strategy and Action Plan we are consulting on at the moment.  The event has been scheduled at lunchtime to enable people to drop in when available.  Refreshments and lunch will be provided, but please let me know if you plan to attend so I can order the right numbers for lunch.

Email Jon Mills for more information