MA/PhD Course

Practice theory:  a one week intensive course at Lancaster University

This course will run from 27th and 28th April and 2nd-3rd May 2021

 Details on how to apply coming 7th November

Taught by experts in theories of practice, including Stanley Blue, Ted Schatzki, and Elizabeth Shove, this course aims to introduce students to aspects of theories of practice that have contributed to thinking about sociological issues, such as power, time, variation, materiality, method, and to show how practice theory has informed research in a number of substantive areas including in management, education, health, and energy. To these ends, the course blends lectures and readings, with various linked exercises and cross-disciplinary group work.

Dates to bear in mind:

27th April – 3rd May 2022 (online): the course itself.

11th April: deadline for participants submitting blogs for sharing

15th March: course materials available to those who have registered

10th February 2022: deadline for payment.

17th January 2022: we send out decisions about which applicants we have selected

10th January 2022: the deadline for all applicants

7th November 2021: the call goes out

Pictures and materials from 2021

A scrapbook and some postcards from April 28th – May 4th 2021.  Here you can find just a few of the memorable images from a fantastic week with participants from many countries and backgrounds.  The album includes some of the postcards written at the end of the course. There are other comments and feedback on the course here.

Hats on, and then hats off to everyone!


Link to the full Course Outline. SOCL955 Practice Theory