The Map

The Consortium Crew is establishing a map of people working in this field. You can find the  latest version of the map here. If you want to add yourself to the map, you can do so by filling in this form. The map is periodically updated, so your details won’t appear right away.

Practice theory virtual world tour

In which members of the crew visit people listed on the map and learn a bit more about them and their work. The links take you to the recordings of our short chats.

Twenty fifth stop: In which we have a quick chat with Mary Mwanzia, from KCA University in Nairobi. No. 295 on the map.  She gave us a Masai dress to take with us on our travels.

Twenty fourth stop: where we met Dale Southerton from the University of Bristol who will be on the map soon.  He first encountered theories of practice in 2004, and he tells us what happened after that. He gave us a picture of  a ‘videophone’ – an image of what video clalling might be like – from an article on the future of telecommunications, produced in 1969. See the BT digital archive.

Twenty third stop: the lakes of Sweden, to visit Michela Cozza who is no. 181 on the map. She is from Malardalen University, and she is interested in aging, technologies, feminism and practice based lenses. She gave us Pippi Longstocking to keep us company on our travels.

Twenty second stop: Back to Europe and to Amsterdam to meet Christian Bröer from the University of Amsterdam.  He is not yet on the map, but  works on social aspects of health, and on practices and time.  He gave us a very versatile handkerchief – we can use it as a hat, a mop, or a fashion accessory.

Twenty first stop: Off to Brazil to meet Rosalia Lavarda, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil.  She works on strategy as practice and is no 269 on the map. She gave us another little boat – perhaps a life boat or a means to get ashore?  Our captain is thrilled.

Twentieth stop: in which we meet Hanna Carlsson, who is no 281 on the map and who works at the Radboud University, Nijmegen in the Netherlands.  She gave us a beautiful bicycle made from strange materials.

Nineteenth stop: From Switzerland to Kendal to meet Josi Fernandes from Lancaster University Management School. No. 179 on the Map. She is interested in fish and in the relation between practice theory and market studies.  She gave us a packet of Kendal mint cake for our next expedition.

Eighteenth stop: The captian is back in charge and we travelled to Switzerland in order to meet Marlyne Sahakian from Geneva.  No. 277 on the map. She talked with us about using practice theory to study sustainable consumption.  She gave us a comic book to read on our travels.

Seventeenth stop: in which we meet Deborah Giustini, no 191 on the map, from KU Leuven/Hamad Bin Khalifa University, who talked with us about practice theory, language, translation and the organisation of work.  She gave us a packet of frites, in the form of a fridge magnet from Brussels.

Sixteenth stop: the pirate is still in charge.  She has taken the boat to Utrecht, where we met Lenneke Kuijer, who works at Eindhoven no 262 on the map.  Lenneke is interested in applying practice theory to design, and she gave us a picture of a ‘sweat shirt’ – a living garment designed to make use of the body’s own method of evaporative cooling. Drawn by Shams Hazim. This will be handy when we are next in the tropics.


Fifteenth stop: the pirate took over the ship and sailed it to New York.  There we met Charis Asante-Agyei, who works at Syracuse University and who will be on the map very soon.  He is studying entrepreneurship as practice and he gave us an interesting pill – a capsule with a secret message – to take on our way.

Fourteenth stop: we finally captured Dirk Ploos van Amstel, doing a PhD at Eindhoven University, but living in Maastricht.  No 213 on the map.  He gave us a jar of peanut butter to take on our way.

Thirteenth stop, Jane Wilkinson from Monash. No 227 on the map.  She gave us a painting to take on our way.  It is big, but the captain says it can go in his cabin.


Twelfth stop, Seweryn Rudniki from the University of Krakow  No. 226 on the map.  He gave us a very useful roll of duct tape, to help keep our ideas together and to fix the boat.


Eleventh stop, Ted Schatzki from the University of Kentucky and Lancaster University, No. 3 on the map.  He gave us a jar of instant coffee to take on our way. This will be useful since we’ve finished the cup we were given on our fifth stop.

Tenth stop, Neil Thompson, from Amsterdam. No. 154 on the map. He gave us a bunch of yellow tulips – spring is in the air!

Ninth stop, Nathalie Dupin from Edinburgh.  No. 210 on the map. She gave us a jar of inspirational ideas to keep us going.

Eighth stop Donoxti Baylon from Montpellier Business school. He gave us a candle to light us on our way.

Seventh stop, François-Xavier de Vaujany from Université Paris Dauphine-PSL
He gave us a picture to inspire us on our travels. It is of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in New York.

Sixth stop, Thomas Bedorf, no. 42 on the map from the University of Hagen who gave us a duckrabbit to take with us to France.

Fifth stop Melbourne. Irene Fernandez from Monash University is No 171 on the map.  She gave us a delicious cup of coffee to take with us on our travels back to Europe.

Fourth stop Hong Kong. Daisy Lee, from Hong Kong Polytechnic University is No 121 on the map.  She gave us a cat to take with us on our travels. Fortunately Mui Mui doesn’t eat fish.

Third stop, Austria. Elke Schüßler from Linz is No 49 on the map. She gave us a guitar to take with us on our travels.

Second stop, Berlin. Ignas Bruder, from Freie Universität Berlin is No 4 on the map. He gave us some ryebread to take with us on our travels.

First stop, Mikkel Nøjgaard, from the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.  Mikkel, who is No. 9 on the map, gave us a fish to take with us on our travels.