The Map

The Consortium Crew is establishing a map of people working in this field. You can find the  latest version of the map here. If you want to add yourself to the map, you can do so by filling in this form. The map is periodically updated, so your details won’t appear right away.

Practice theory virtual world tour

In which members of the crew visit people listed on the map and learn a bit more about them and their work. The links take you to the recordings of our short chats.

Eleventh stop, Ted Schatzki from the University of Kentucky and Lancaster University, No. 3 on the map.  He gave us a jar of instant coffee to take on our way This will be useful since we’ve finished the cup we were given on our fifth stop.

Tenth stop, Neil Thompson, from Amsterdam. No. 154 on the map. He gave us a bunch of yellow tulips – spring is in the air!

Ninth stop, Nathalie Dupin from Edinburgh.  No. 210 on the map. She gave us a jar of inspirational ideas to keep us going.

Eighth stop Donoxti Baylon from Montpellier Business school. He gave us a candle to light us on our way.

Seventh stop, François-Xavier de Vaujany from Université Paris Dauphine-PSL
He gave us a picture to inspire us on our travels. It is of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in New York.

Sixth stop, Thomas Bedorf, no. 42 on the map from the University of Hagen who gave us a duckrabbit to take with us to France.

Fifth stop Melbourne. Irene Fernandez from Monash University is No 171 on the map.  She gave us a delicious cup of coffee to take with us on our travels back to Europe.

Fourth stop Hong Kong. Daisy Lee, from Hong Kong Polytechnic University is No 121 on the map.  She gave us a cat to take with us on our travels. Fortunately Mui Mui doesn’t eat fish.

Third stop, Austria. Elke Schüßler from Linz is No 49 on the map. She gave us a guitar to take with us on our travels.

Second stop, Berlin. Ignas Bruder, from Freie Universität Berlin is No 4 on the map. He gave us some ryebread to take with us on our travels.

First stop, Mikkel Nøjgaard, from the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.  Mikkel, who is No. 9 on the map, gave us a fish to take with us on our travels.