Time: Usually Wednesday 12.00-13.00

Term 3

Date Speaker Title Venue
17.05.2017  Mohammad Javad  Ahmadian Explicit and Implicit Instruction of L2 Pragmatics: Do Working Memory Capacity and Language Aptitude Play a Role? County South C89
07.06.2017 James Wilby The relationship between motivation, self-regulation, and L2 international students’ paraphrasing behaviour and writing achievement over the course of an EAP programme County South B59


Karmen Pizorn

(University of Ljubljana)

Language Anxiety of Year 6 EFL students County South




 Andrew Sampson Languaging and learning compared across three EFL course delivery modes County South




Jiexuan Lin

(Guandong University)

Phonetic convergence in nonnative speech and the role of individual differences County South C89




Mayya Levkina (University of Barcelona) The role of linguistic complexity in enhancing L2 pronunciation development of vowel contrasts through collaborative map tasks County South B89



Parvaneh Tavakoli

(University of Reading)

Can a narrow approach to defining and researching fluency in Applied Linguistics help? Bowland North SR3

Term 2

Date Speaker Title Venue
25.01.2017 Chajuan Hu Chinese students’ cognitive composing process under the real time AWE context Bowland North SR6
01.02.2017 Aina Casaponsa Foreign language comprehension achievement: Insights from the cognate facilitation effect County South C89
09.02.2017 Mary Jane Abrahams (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile) Curriculum design/reform in a Chilean university (joint talk with LTRG)  County South C89
24.02.2017 ELT Symposium in honour of Alan Waters FASS meeting rooms
01.03.2017 Nicola Halenko (Mock Viva)


Evaluating the explicit pragmatic instruction of requests and apologies in a study abroad setting: the case of Chinese ESL learners at a UK Higher Education Institution. Bowland North SR 1
08.03.2017 Two consecutive talks by Javier Perez Guerra and Bimali Indrarathne   Contrasting syntax: on the design of predicates in native and learner language by Javier Perez Guerra

Inclusion of learners with specific learning differences in teaching English as a foreign language: A teacher training project for Sri Lanka by Bimali Indrarathne

 Bowland North SR 15
12.04.2017 Giulia Sulis and Shungo Suzuki Try-out presentations for TBLT conference in Barcelona  County South C89

Term 1

Date Speaker Title Venue
12.10.2016 Patrick Rebuschat (LAEL) Cross-situational learning of words and syntax Bowland North SR 3
 26.10.2016 Judit Kormos (LAEL) Inclusive practices in teaching students with dyslexia: Foreign language teachers’ concerns, attitudes and self-efficacy beliefs on a massive open online learning course
Bowland North SR 3
09.11.2016 Dogus Can Oksuz (LAEL) Revisiting the idiom principle through the lens of an agglutinating language: A corpus-informed research Bowland North SR 3
23.11.2016 Nour Toumi



Ornuma Chingchit


Laura Stiefenhofer


Giulia Sulis

The effects of summary and keyword generation instruction on L2 readers’ comprehension monitoring and metacognitive accuracy

Effects of Written Corrective Feedback on L2 Learners’ Implicit Knowledge Development

Effects of cognitive task complexity in computer-mediated collaborative writing tasks

Directed motivational currents in the TBLT classroom

County South C89


Tomas Kos (Mock viva) An investigation of peer interaction in mixed-age EFL secondary school classes County South B89
07.12.2016 Irene Marin (LAEL)


 Phrasal Verbs in Spoken L2 English: The Effect of L2 Proficiency and L1 Background County South C89