The SLLAT research group welcomes staff, students, and visitors interested in Second Language Acquisition research.

Activities include talks, reports of research work-in-progress, the development of research projects, workshops, and occasional guest speakers. Membership of SLLAT is open to all Lancaster University staff, students and visitors.

Meetings are usually on Wednesdays 12.00-1.00 pm, County South C89. Please consult our current programme for details.

Convener: Patrick Rebuschat

Organizers: Dogus Can Oksuz and Tanjun Liu

Mailing list

How to subscribe to the SLLAT mailing list: Send a plain text message to “majordomo@lists.lancs.ac.uk”. (Plain text, not HTML format.) Leave the subject line blank. Delete the signature in the email body (if applicable). Write “subscribe sllat”. You will then receive a confirmation message.

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