Time: Usually Wednesday 12.00-13.00

Term three

20.04.2016 Diana Pili Moss (LAEL) Are adults better language learners in the short term? New evidence from rate of learning in adults and 8/9 y.o. children. County South C89
04.05.2016 Sharon McCulloch (LAEL) Students’ and markers’ understandings of effective source use in academic writing Bowland North SR 25
11.05.2016 Bimali Indrarathne (LAEL) & Judit Kormos (LAEL) Relationship between attentional processing of input and working memory: an eye-tracking study County South C89
18.05.2016 Katharina Braungart The role of semantic information in foreign grammar acquisition using Latin County South C89
25.05.2016 Francesca Citron (Lancaster University Psychology Department) Do conventional metaphors evoke emotional brain responses in second language speakers? New neuroimaging results Bowland North SR 5
01.06.2016 Chris Schofield 


Daniela Paz


Hiroko Suganuma


Bunya Suzuki

The benefits of explicit instruction in features of connected speech and prosody in the context of ever-changing World English norms

Language ideologies of English: narratives of three undergraduate students of English Language and Literature at an elite Chilean university

The role of mediation in a Masters seminar: Effective handover from a tutor to international Masters students

Constructing the Japanese EFL classroom: Learner agency in NEST-led high school English classes

(Poster market by current MA students on their MA dissertations)

Bowland North SR 10
08.06.2016 Ludovica Serratrice (University of Reading) Gradient bilingualism as a predictor of executive function skills in bilingual children Bowland North SR 5

(3-4.30 pm)

Michael Ratajczak (LAEL) Clearly understood? Comprehension of health-related information produced by the UK’s National Health Service County South C89

(3-4 pm)

Danijela Trenkic (York University) Language and literacy measures as predictors of educational outcomes for international students County South C89

(1-2 pm)

Karmen Pižorn (Ljubljana University)
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) – a panacea for young English language learners? County South C89
We hosted the Fifth Implicit Learning Seminar from 23rd to 25th June 2016. Please see the abstracts here.

We hosted the BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG on 30th June and 1st July 2016. Please see the abstracts in the programme booklet.

Term two

20.01.2016 Padraic Monaghan (Lancaster University Psychology Department) Does sound symbolism exist outside the laboratory? County South C89
27.01.2016 Anne Margaret Smith ELT Well Identifying Specific Learning Differences (e.g. dyslexia) in a multilingual population County South C89
10.02.2016 Andrea Revesz (UCL) & Marije Michel (LAEL) Exploring cognitive writing processes, behaviours and text quality: Combining eye-tracking, Key-stroke logging and computer based text analyses County South C89
24.02.2016 Laurence Anthony (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan) Developing materials for the EFL classroom through model building and corpus analysis County South C89
02.03.2016 Nadiia Denhovska (University of Central Lancashire) The Role of Frequency in Implicit Learning of a Second Language Bowland North SR 4
09.03.2016 Zoe Handley (York University) What is oral fluency? Exploring the relationship between cognitive linguistic processing and oral fluency County South C89
16.03.2016 Jenefer Philp (LAEL) on behalf of Alison Mackey, Jenefer Philp, Yasser TeImorian, Abdulla Alroumi, Ting Zhao, Wenjing Li, Sam Kirkham, Patrick Rebuschat Individual differences and second language production during communicative tasks County South C89

Term one

14.10.2015 Jenefer Philp (LAEL) Interlocutor and instructor – investigating roles and individual differences: A cognitive-interactionist perspective Bowland North SR 17
21.10.2015 Diana Mazgutova (LAEL) (Mock Viva) Linguistic and cognitive development of L2 writing during an intensive English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programme County South C89
28.10.2015 Marije Michel (LAEL) & Bryan Smith (Arizona State University) Eye movements during L2 written computer chat interaction: Methodological advances in identifying alignment County South C89
04.11.2015 Francesca Citron (Lancaster University Psychology Department) Comprehension of conventional metaphors by second language speakers: Do they show the same degree of emotional engagement as natives do? Preliminary evidence from neuroimaging County South C89
11.11.2015 Sayaka Sato (LAEL) Shifting the perception of gender: The representation of gender information during bilingual on-line reading Bowland North SR 01
18.11.2015 Bimali Indrarathne (LAEL) & Judit Kormos (LAEL) Attentional processing in different input conditions: An eye tracking study County South C89

Michael Ratajczak

James Wilby

Irene Marin Cervantes

Dogus Oksuz

Tanjun Liu

PhD research projects

Bowland North SR 24
02.12.2015 Rebecca Frost (Lancaster University, Psychology Department) Using Statistics to Learn Words and Rules from Speech County South C89