Date and Venue Speaker Topic
18 March 2015
Franklin Chang (Liverpool University)
4 March 2015
Sible Andringa (University of Amsterdam)
25 February 2015
Sarah Grey (Penn State)
Neural patterns of language learning in adulthood: Bilinguals vs monolinguals
18 February 2015
Cylcia Bolibaugh (York University)
11 February Abdalkarim Zawawi (LAEL, Lancaster) Alignment in L2-L2 vs. L1-L1 interaction. A corpus-based study. (working title)
5 February 2015
Note: Thursday talk
Glyn Jones (LAEL, Lancaster)
Does what it says on the cover: Aligning learning materials to the Common European Framework. (This talk is co-organized with LTRG.)
21 January 2015
Panos Athanasopoulos (LAEL, Lancaster)
Thursday, 3.00 pm!!
15 January 2015
Janina Iwaniec (LAEL, Lancaster) ‘Motivation to learn English of Polish gymnasium pupils’
– mock viva.
Joint session with LTRG.
3 December 2014
Alan Waters (LAEL, Lancaster)
26 November 2014
Dora Alexopoulou (Cambridge)
Big educational data: Any good for SLA research? (This talk is co-organized with CASS and UCREL.)
[Slides available here]
12 November 2014
5 November 2014
Note: Marcus Merrimen Lecture Theatre (Bowland North)
Nina Vyatkina (University of Kansas) Data-driven language learning: Learner proficiency, performance, and perception
(This talk is co-organized with CASS and UCREL.)
29 October 2014
Bowland North, SR 10
John Bitchener (AUT University, Auckland)
15 October 2014
8 October 2014
Rosemary Erlam (Auckland University)
24 September 2014
Silke Brandt (LAEL, Lancaster)
29 August 2014
Friday talk, 3pm, Bowland North SR14
Simon Ruiz, Diana Pili, and Muna Alshehri (LAEL, Lancaster) (EUROSLA practice talks)