Date Speaker Topic
10 Oct 2012 Judit Kormos A mixed method study of motivation and inter-cultural contact in a study abroad context
31 Oct 2012 Charis Stefanou The effect of written corrective feedback and learner individual differences on second language generic article use
21 Nov 2012 Janina Iwaniec The structural equation model of language learning motivation
28 Nov 2012 Andrea Révész, Marije Michel, & Roger Gilabert Independent measurement of task complexity
5 Dec 2012 Jenefer Philp The social side of peer interaction – helps and hindrances to L2 learning
12 Dec 2012 Diana Mazgutova The effects of task complexity on the development of academic writing skills of international postgraduate students: Pilot study results
25 Feb 2013 Jean Marguerite Jimenez, Lancaster University & Università della Calabria Investigating the effects of immediate electronic corrective feedback on foreign language development
18 Feb 2013 Morana Lukac, visting researcher from Leiden University How word choice matters: an analysis of adjective + noun collocations in a corpus of learner essays
4 March 2013 Talia Isaacs, Bristol University Modelling comprehensibility in second language speaking scales
(Joint meeting with LTRG)
Thursday 7 March Sabine Schmölzer-Eibinger, Graz University, Austria Language as a learning tool in subject learning
11 March 2013
  • Janina Iwaniec
  • Charis Stefanou
  • Janina: Modelling the structure of language learning motivation
  • Charis: The role of written corrective feedback and learner individual differences in second language article use for generic and specific plural reference
8 May 2013 Rosa Jiménez Catalán, University of La Rioja – Spain Individual and Instructional factors in the acquisition and development of lexical competence in English as a foreign language
3 June 2013 Diana Pili-Moss, Manchester University Effects of different feedback strategies on the improvement of morphological accuracy in spoken L2 Italian
6 June 2013 Riikka Ullakonoja, University of Jyväskylä
in cooperation with LTRG
Intervention study on EFL extensive reading and vocabulary learning strategies in Finland and future directions
16 July 2013 Nicole Ziegler, Georgetown University, USA Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication and Interaction: Methods, practices, and outcomes