Date Speaker Topic
12 Oct 2011
Sharon McCulloch
Japanese undergraduates’ use of logical connectors in their written work
26 Oct 2011
Shi Yunzhang
A Study of Chinese English Learners’ Willingness to Communicate Inside the Classroom.
9 Nov 2011
Andrea Révész
Task-based experimental research in the laboratory: methodological innovations and challenges
23 Nov 2011
Masoud Shaghaghi
Exploring speech acts produced by Iranian EFL learners: an investigation of instructional materials and EFL learners’ output
30 Nov 2011
Alan Waters
Best Practice in ELT INSET: Quantitative findings
18 Jan 2012
Marije Michel (University of Mannheim)
Interactional alignment in task-based L2 performance: Evidence from Dutch
1 Feb 2012
Diane Potts
Multilingual students, academic texts, and the semiotic demands of
recontextualizing knowledge
15 Feb 2012
Geraldine LudBrook
Investigating the English language needs of CLIL teachers in Italian secondary school science classrooms (Mock viva)
27 Feb 2012
Alison Mackey (Georgetown University)
Second language interaction research: cognitive, social, and methodological considerations (or issues/constraints?)
29 Feb 2012
Patrick Rebuschat (Bangor University)
Implicit and explicit knowledge in second language acquisition
7 March 2012
Lou Harvey (Manchester University)
‘I have all my stories’: A narrative approach to language learning motivation
14 March 2012
Monira Al-Mohizea
An investigation into the comprehension of idioms by EFL learners’

2 May 2012

Costas Gabrielatos and Judit Kormos

Corpus-based analysis of the use of the present continuous construction in oral language proficiency exams

23 May 2012

Kenneth Fordyce (University of Edinburgh)

The differential effects of explicit and implicit instruction on the learning of epistemic stance forms by Japanese EFL learners

30 May 2012

Nomi Olsthoorn


6 June 2012

Sonja Altmuller

Formulaic language in the second language acquisition of Turkish-speaking children in a German kindergarten:Methods of data collection and analysis

13 June 2012

Alan Waters

Theory and practice in ELT methodology: Retrospect and prospect

20 June2012

Yvonne Prefontaine

Psycholinguistic processes involved in French as a second language speech production and perception

27 June 2012

Parvaneh Tavakoli (London Metropolitan University)

TESOL Research and Practice: Teachers’ and Teacher Educators’ Perspectives

21 March 2012
Ramin Sheikhol-Eslami
The interaction between, students’ learning approaches, their L2 reading strategies,
and task demands