Date Speaker Topic
27 Oct 2010 Sharon McCulloch The Academic Reading-to-write Behaviours of L2 Postgraduate Students
10 Nov 2010 Costas Gabrielatos Corpus-based evaluation of pedagogical materials: If-conditionals in ELT coursebooks and the BNC
17 Nov 2010 Anne Nebel A complex systems approach to understanding L2 writing task complexity
24 Nov 2010 Ramin Sheikholeslami The construct of ‘learning approaches’ in Iranian secondary pupils of English
1 Dec 2010 Judit Kormos The relationship of motivation and self-regulation/learner autonomy: Results of a questionnaire survey
8 Dec 2010 Alan Waters A ‘Best Practices in ELT INSET’ Study – Interview and Focus Group Findings
02 Feb 2011 Scott Miles Grammar instruction for long-term retention
16 Feb 2011 Robert Taferner Feedback on EFL writing
23 Feb 2011 Simon Kinzley The impact of a university pre-sessional course on the academic writing behaviours of a group of Chinese undergraduate students studying for a degree in media and cultural studies
02 March 2011 Ramin Sheikhol-Eslami Conceptualizing learning approaches for EFL students: The case of Iranian learners at secondary schools
09 March 2011 Martin Bygate TBA
16 March 2011 George Yuncan Dai Working Memory as a Component of Foreign Language Aptitude
22 March 2011 Tineke Brunfaut & Andrea Révész Tasks, proficiency, working memory, and L2 listening comprehension