Date Speaker Topic
16 Oct 2008 Judit Kormos A draft research project design
23 Oct 2008 Chihiro Inoue Elicitation tasks
30 Oct 2008 Virginia Samuda & Martin Bygate Field, purpose and involvement as dimensions in task performance
6 Nov 2008 Andrea Révész Task complexity, focus on L2 constructions, and individual differences: A classroom-based study
13 Nov 2008 Judit Kormos Discussion of Larsen-Freeman, D. (2005). The emergence of complexity, fluency, and accuracy in the oral and written production of five Chinese learners of English” in Applied Linguistics, 27, 590–619.
20 Nov 2008 Andrea Révész Data analysis workshop: Analysing task-based interactions
11 Dec 2008 Hyeon Oak Exploring EFL reading instruction in high school classrooms in Korea: The pedagogic life of the grammar translation method
15 Jan 2009 Neil Millar The processing demands of learner collocations on native speakers: Evidence from self-paced reading
22 Jan 2009 Scott Miles The impact of different degrees of massing/ spacing of practice activities on L2 learning
29 Jan 2009 Judit Kormos Language learning experiences of dyslexic learners
05 Feb 2009 Xing Chao Hu; Martin Bygate The effects of levels of grounding criterion on L2 interaction and learning
12 Feb 2009 Abdulaziz Youssef Alturki Comparing knowledge of English nominal and verbal inflectional morphology in L2 speakers
26 Feb 2009 Andrea Révész Recasts, working memory, and L2 development
05 March 2009 Al Al-Ghamdi Language learning strategies in using information technology in language learning
12 March 2009 Sarah Mercer TBA
19 March 2009 Marjorie Desveaux Classroom data
30 April 2009 Rosa María Jiménez Catalán The development of lexical competence in the acquisition of English as a foreign language
7 May 2009 Karen Baird Workshop on constructs of vocabulary knowledge and associated measures.
12 May 2009 Jim Lantolf: Departmental lecture
21 May 2009 Abdulaziz Alturki L2 morphological variability
28 May 2009 Andrea Révész Task complexity, uptake of recasts, and second language development
4 June 2009 Anne Margaret Smith Including dyslexic language learners
11 June 2009 Martin Bygate Exploring teacher-class interaction: how can we avoid ‘recasting in the dark’
18 June 2009 CRILE talk: Paul Meara
25 June 2009 Alan Waters Trends and issues in ELT
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