Native Explorers: science workshops with a Portuguese twist

Saturday, May 12, 2018, Lancaster University Management School (Hub) (“MAN” on campus map)

We will use the Management School for the welcome session, lunch and closing session. The labs for the workshops are located in the Department of Engineering, the Department of Physics, the Lancaster Environment Centre and the Management School. Student ambassadors will bring pupils to the different locations on the day. Note that each workshop is repeated four times, once for each group. The workshop sequence below is representative for one of the groups only.

9.30-10.00 Welcome session

Opening remarks by Professor Sharon Huttly, Pro Vice-Chancellor Education, Lancaster University, by Dr Patrick Rebuschat (Lancaster University) and by Dr Joana Moscoso and Dr Tatiana Correia (Native Scientist). Groups are formed and given their challenge for the day. (Refreshments served.)

  Transfer to labs
10.15-11.00 Dr Nuno Bimbo (Engineering): Clean energy – hydrogen, the fuel of the future

In this workshop you will learn about hydrogen and how it can be used as a clean sustainable fuel. You will learn about the production of hydrogen, how it can be used to store energy and how it is used to move cars.

  Transfer to labs
 11.15-12.00 Dr Elizabete Carmo-Silva (Lancaster Environment Centre): Where do plant colours come from?

In this work shop you will discover how plants change colour when exposed to environmental stress conditions. We will also debate why carrots are orange and beetroots are purple.

  Return to County South PDR
 12.15-13:30 Lunch break
  Transfer to labs
13:45-14:30 Dr Ricardo Zozimo (Entrepreneurship): Make your mark – the power of social entrepreneurship

In this workshop we will take a look at solutions to the most common problems of the world. Working together we will engage in a social entrepreneurship activity and see how it can be applied to your world.

  Transfer to labs
14.45-15.30 Dr David Sobral (Astrophysics): Time-travelling from the Big Bang to the Milky Way, via CR7

The Universe is the largest, most spectacular laboratory there is, and there is so much to discover! Join me while we time-travel through the Universe with the help of the largest telescopes, from the beginning of the Universe to our own Milky Way.

  Return to County South PDR
15.45-16:30 Closing session

Announcement of winning team. Presentation of prize. Closing remarks.