Dr Catherine Baxendale

Ecologist turned Outreach Officer within the central UK Student Recruitment and Outreach team for Lancaster University. Catherine is a Lancaster Environment Centre graduate and has been at the University for 12 years. As co-creator of Research in a Box she now works with researchers to share their research in schools with the next generation of researchers.
Dr Nuno Bimbo

After completing an MA in Chemical Engineering at the University of Coimbra, Nuno moved to the UK to pursue a PhD (2013) at Bath University. He joined Lancaster’s Department of Engineering in 2015 as Lecturer in Chemical Engineering. His interests and expertise lie on energy and sustainability, with research focussing on energy applications of nanoporous materials. (@nunobimbo)

Dr Elizabete Carmo-Silva

Lecturer of Plant Sciences for Food Security at the Lancaster Environment Centre. Elizabete works with an international team of researchers. The team is studying photosynthesis and how it is regulated in response to the environment with the goal of improving crop productivity and climate resilience. Elizabete is fascinated by plants and the mechanisms they have adapted to cope with varied climatic conditions. She hopes that her team’s research will contribute to improve food security, especially in countries that need it most. (@ecarmosilva)

Dr Tatiana Correia

Co-founder and director of Native Scientist, Tatiana also works for the UK’s innovation agency network, the KTN. She helps start-ups and other businesses to commercialize nanotechnology research. Before, she used to be a researcher developing new energy storage materials. Tatiana lives in London and she taught piano to children during her first years. She is passionate about new technology and education innovation and she dreams of starting her own technology business. (@TMPCorreia)

Professor Jonathan Culpeper

Professor of English language and linguistics. Jonathan studies the use of language, and especially how people can mean more than they literally say.  Typically focusing on English, he has worked on diverse issues: from how people use language to cause offence to what conversations were like 400 years ago. Currently, he is leading a project looking at Shakespeare’s use of language, and that of his contemporaries. The project is using computers to reveal patterns of usage, and challenging many myths about Shakespeare’s language. (@j_culpeper )

Professor Nigel Lockett

Nigel Lockett is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University Management School. To raise awareness he blogs as The Dyslexic Professor. He is a senior academic, experienced manager, entrepreneur and community leader. Nigel is Co-Investigator on the £6.7m GCRF RECIRCULATE project. He is currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the NUWord Charity and also a Fellow and past President of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Dr Andreas Mauthe

Andreas Mauthe is Associate Dean for External Engagement and Internationalization at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Lancaster University, and Reader in the Department of Computing and Communications. His research focuses on Networked Systems, and particularly on Network Management and Multimedia Systems.

Dr Joana Moscoso

Co-founder and director of Native Scientist. Joana also works as a post-doc at i3s, the biggest research institute in Portugal. She is trying to understand how bacteria cause infections. Joana likes traveling the world and has previously lived in Sweden, Australia and the UK. She speaks 3 languages. Joana loves spending time with friends and food. She dreams of having her own restaurant one day. (@JoanaMoscoso)

Dr Patrick Pereira Rebuschat

Patrick is Senior Lecturer at the University of Lancaster, where he also serves as Director of Internationalization at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Patrick obtained his BA at the University of Lisbon, followed by a PhD at the University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall). He has taught at Harvard, Georgetown and at the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as in Göttingen and Tübingen. Patrick directs the Heritage Language Consortium, a new strategic partnership between six leading universities in Germany, Portugal and the UK and the Instituto Camões (Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs). (@prebuschat)

Dr Cristina Sales

Cristina is a post-doctoral research associate in the photosynthesis group at the Lancaster Environment Centre. She is currently working in an International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) project. Her research is focusing on exploring natural variation in CO2 assimilation in wheat cultivars. In her point of view, the naturally diversity found in the environment is an important key for improving crop production to provide food security.

Dr Emma J. Sayer

Emma is an Ecosystem Ecologist and co-founder of “Sex & Bugs & Rock ’n Roll”, which has engaged >20,000 visitors with ecology at music festivals. Outreach activities not only keep her motivated to do research but also allow her to combine her scientific interests with her other passions: Music and design. Emma is dedicated to making science more accessible – she facilitates workshops on public engagement and has written informal articles on subjects as varied as poster design, sexism in publishing, and science writing.

Ana Sobral

Ana Sobral is a Psychologist with a MSc from the University of Lisbon (2011). She is currently working with children at St Bernadette’s School in Lancaster, and she also helps in research tasks at the Lancaster Environment Centre, LEC. At LEC, Ana works within a truly international team that seeks to understand photosynthesis. Her daily work involves assisting in several research tasks to do with studying wheat, including making many measurements about how plants grow.

Dr David Sobral

Explorer of the extra-galactic Universe, Lecturer in Astrophysics at Lancaster University and a keen outreach enthusiast, powered mostly by Hawaiian coffee and an insatiable curiosity. David time-travels through the Universe with the help of some of the largest telescopes on Earth and in Space, in order to understand how galaxies like our own home, the Milky Way, got to be what they are today. Famous discoveries include the CR7 galaxy and other super-bright early galaxies that existed 13 billion years ago in a young Universe and unveiling the significance of the global “cosmic crisis” that the Universe has been experiencing over the last 11 billion years. Before diving into the ever-expanding world of (Astro)Physics David wanted to study literature. He plays football and volleyball. (@d_sobral_ )

Dr Joana Zózimo

Joana studies International Relations and Africa Studies in Lisbon before pursuing a PhD in Educational Research at Lancaster University (2016). Her research interests intersect three distinct but interconnected themes: evaluation practice, small non-profit evaluation practices and mobile learning practices. She is now a postdoctoral research associate at the RECIRCULATE project, where she investigates and evaluates knowledge transfer between academia, industry and small and medium-sized enterprises in Ghana and Nigeria. Joana is also the founder of The Writing Cottage, which offers writing retreats regularly. (@zozimo_joana )

Dr Ricardo Zózimo

Ricardo is Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University’s Management School (LUMS). His research focuses on understanding how entrepreneurs learn and how this impacts on personal and firm performance. An educator at heart, Ricardo was the inaugural winner of LUMS Significant Contribution to Student Learning Award (voted by students and staff). Based on his research, Ricardo often runs workshops with entrepreneurs designed to improve their practice. Educated in three different countries, Ricardo is an active and enthusiastic mentor of social and commercial entrepreneurs across the world. (@dr_rzozimo)