Join Mobility Futures

Anyone can join Mobility Futures. Please complete the short form here. Then email and send me a picture of you. If you don’t send a picture and I can’t find one, I might draw you.

Why should I join?

  • Shape the vanguard of research on mobility futures at Lancaster
  • Learn with others
  • Use the resources of the Institute for Social Futures and Cemore
  • Strengthen the interdisciplinarity of your work
  • Add theoretical and methodological oomph
  • Forge new collaborations, engage in research co-creation
  • Find ways of funding research
  • Find new avenues for impact
  • Bring your research to new and wider audiences
  • Find people to peer review your work

What’s expected?

  • Participate in activities online and offline
  • Bring your research and expertise
  • Take the lead in organising groups, events and activities
  • Join a particular group
  • Per year, each group is expected to organise at least
    • One Cemore/ISF Reading group session
    • One group meeting
    • Write one blog post for this site

What if I’m not in Lancaster?

The events we organise are held at Lancaster University and there is limited opportunity to participate from elsewhere in the world. However, if you’re keen, we’re happy to try and make it possible. Please contact