Event 4: Programme and Resources

Event 4

Reading List and Detailed Session Summaries

Below is the programme of studies prepared for this course. Resources generated for some of the sessions can be accessed through the links included in the programme.

Day 1: University of Manchester

Session 1 Hasok Chang (Cambridge): ‘Introduction to the Philosophy of Science’ (slides) (handout)
Session 2 Hasok Chang (Cambridge): ‘Reading Science From the Eighteenth Century to the Present’
Session 3 James Sumner (CHSTM, Manchester): ‘The Sociology of Scientific Understanding’ (slides)
Session 4 James Sumner (CHSTM, Manchester): ‘Science Communication Studies Workshop’

Day 2: University of Salford

Session 1 John Holmes (Reading): ‘Crossing Two Cultures: Poetry, Science and Criticism’ (handout)
Session 2 Michael Whitworth (Merton College, Oxford): ‘Poetry and the Language of Science: Some Lines of Inquiry’ (handout)
Session 3 Small group sessions: ‘Poetry and Science’

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