Event 3: Programme and Resources

Event 3

Below is the programme of studies prepared for this course. Resources generated for some of the sessions can be accessed through the links included in the programme.

Reading List

Day 1: Using History of Science Archives (Royal Institution of Great Britain)

Session 1 David Knight (Durham): ‘What Did People Do All Day? What Can Sources Tell us About the Scientific Life in the Romantic Age?’ (handout)
Session 2  Tour of museum, Group work: Manuscript exercise
Session 3  Michael Hunter (Birkbeck): ‘Reflections on Textual Editing’

Day 2: Exploring Science, Literature, and Objects (National Maritime Museum)

Session 1 Rebekah Higgitt (NMM): Welcome and Introduction
Session 2 Crosbie Smith (Kent): ‘Mirror of the Sea: Reflections on the Sea Literature of Joseph Conrad’
Session 3 John McAleer (NMM): ‘Representing Exploration: William Hodges and the Art of Scientific Travel’
Session 4 Gillian Hutchinson (NMM): ‘Excursions Into Surrogate Worlds: Approaches to Interpreting Historic Seacharts’ (slides)
Session 5 ‘Objects, Interpretations, and Narratives’: Student presentations (Richard Dunn’s introductory slides) (some slides)

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