Event 3: List of Delegates

Event 3

William Abberley (Exeter), ‘Science and Philology 1850-1914’

Wahida Amin (Royal Institution and Salford), ‘Science and Poetry: The Case of Humphry Davy’

Armida Azada (Roehampton), ‘Reproduction and the Anxieties of Childbirth in the Writings of Female Novelists of the English Romantic Period, 1780-1830’

Paul Craddock (London Consortium), ‘The Poetics of Bodily Transplantation, 1702-1902’

Rebecca Crowley (Leeds Metropolitan), ‘Rewriting the Hosting of the Ghost: Reconfigurations of “Madness” in Contemporary Fiction’

Charlotte Dale (Manchester), ‘An Enquiry Into Nursing Care Provision During the Period of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902’

Roo Gunzi (Courtauld Institute), ‘Constructing Place and Culture: Stanhope Forbes Newlyn, 1885-1918’

Lina Hakim (London Consortium), ‘Scientific Playthings’

Daisy Hildyard (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Some of the Royal Society’s “Failed Projects”, 1670-1700’

Jessica Howell (Research Fellow, King’s College London)

Victoria Le Fevre (Royal Holloway), ‘Fringes and Feathers: Representations of the London Factory Girl, 1880-1910’

Joanne Parsons (University of the West of England), ‘Men, Food and the Male Body in the Victorian Novel’

Lisa Ann Robertson (Alberta), ‘The Embodied Imagination: British Romantic Cognitive Science’

Fanny Robles (Toulouse), ‘From Zoology to Ethnology: Taxonomies, Exhibition, and Mise en Scene in Victorian Literature and Iconography’

Aaron Rosenberg (Cornell), ‘An Art of the Nerves: Modernist Operations on the Lyric’

Rachel Russell (Manchester), ‘Nausea and Vomiting: A History of Signs, Symptoms and Sickness in Nineteenth-Century Britain’

Hazel Sheeky (Newcastle and National Maritime Museum), ‘Children’s Literature and the Culture of Exploration’

William Tattersdill (King’s College London), ‘Science, Fiction and the Late-Victorian Periodical’

Darren Wagner (York), ‘Human Generation: A Cultural History of Sexual Reproduction, Body Economies, and Sensibility Literature in Britain, c. 1660-1780’

Joanna Wargen (Westminster), ‘Subjugated Scientific Knowledges: Detecting the Nineteenth-Century Female Scientist’

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