Event 1: Programme and Resources

Event 1

Below is the programme of studies prepared for this course. Resources generated for some of the sessions can be accessed through the links included in the programme.

Reading List

Day 1

Session 1 Charlotte Sleigh (Kent): ‘Empiricism and the Novel’ (slides)
Session 2 Mark Llewellyn (St Deiniol’s Library): ‘The Gladstone Library Collection’
Session 3 Student presentations (some slides)

Day 2

Session 1 Sharon Ruston (Salford): ‘Mono-, Inter-, Multi- Disciplinarity’ (slides)
Session 2 Stephanie Snow (Manchester): ‘History of Medicine, 1500-2000’ (slides)
Session 3 Stephanie Snow (Manchester): ‘Medical Discoveries and Online Resources’
Session 4 Katy Price (Anglia Ruskin): ‘Researching Early Twentieth-Century Literature and the Physical Sciences’
Session 5 Student presentations (some slides)

Day 3

Session 1 Sharon Ruston (Salford): ‘Questions of Evidence’
Session 2 Martin Willis (Glamorgan): ‘Literature and Science’
Free time (to write up reflective diaries etc.)
Session 3 Student presentations (some slides)

Day 4

Session 1 ‘Psychoanalysis, Medicine, and Social Pathology’
Session 2 Gowan Dawson (Leicester): ‘Nineteenth-Century Scientists as Readers of Literature: The Case of Richard Owen’
Session 3 Gowan Dawson (Leicester): ‘Evolution Without Darwin’
Session 4 David Amigoni (Keele): ‘Literary Darwinism’
Session 5 Student presentations (some slides)

Day 5

MOSI Introduction
Session 1 Pauline Webb (MOSI): ‘Handling Objects’
Session 2 Finding Objects
Session 3 Feedback
JRUL Welcome and Tour
Session 4 James Peters and John Hodgson (JRUL): ‘The Medical and Scientific Objects at JRUL’

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