Event 1: List of Delegates

Event 1

Wahida Amin (Royal Institution and Salford), ‘Science and Poetry: The Case of Humphry Davy’

Colin Baker (Durham), ‘The Rise and Role of Medical Journalism in Victorian Britain’

Abby Bentham (Salford), ‘Empathising With the Psychopath: Narrative Techniques for Presenting Aberrant Psychology in Twentieth Century Fiction’

Samantha Briggs (Leicester), ‘Marriage and Sexual Selection in Hardy and Eliot’

Stephen Byrne (Oxford Brookes), ‘Pathological Childhood and the Creation of the “Normal” Child in Early-Twentieth Century Britain, 1907-1948’

Paul Craddock (London Consortium), ‘The Poetics of Transplant’

Sarah Crofton (King’s College London), ‘Hoax, Spiritualism, and Crime in Late Nineteenth-Century Occult Fiction’

Grace Farrington (Liverpool), ‘A Practice-Informed Study of the Theoretical Bases for Bibliotherapy in the English Literary Tradition (Elizabethan and Victorian Periods)’

Aidan Flynn (Birkbeck), ‘Modernism, Medical Culture, and Disability’

Josie Gill (Cambridge), ‘Race and Genetics in Contemporary British Fiction’

Louise Jenkins (Leeds), ‘Competing Instruments in 19th Century Midwifery: The Forceps/Vectis Rivalry and its Resolution’

Chisomo Kalinga (King’s College London), ‘Representations of HIV/AIDS: A Cultural History’

Jacqueline Mountain (London Consortium), ‘The Impact of the Scientific Revolution on British Attitudes to Volcanoes’

Andrew Nightingale (Anglia Ruskin), ‘Creative Writing: The Trickster and the Turing Test’

Sophie Rudland (Warwick), ‘The Reception of David Hartley’s “Observations on Man” in Late Eighteenth-Century Women’s Writing’

Rachael Russell (CHSTM, Manchester), ‘Nausea and Vomiting: A History of Signs, Symptoms and Sickness in Nineteenth-Century Britain’

Jamie Stark (Leeds), ‘Industrial Illness in Cultural History: “La Maladie de Bradford” in Local, National, and Global Contexts (1878-1919)’

Will Tattersdill (King’s College London), ‘Science, Fiction and the Late-Victorian Periodical Press’

Cristiano Turbil (Kent), ‘The Evolution of Technology in Literature’

Jeffrey Wolf (Edinburgh), ‘Dissecting the Soul: Medical Theory and the Making of a “Science of Man” in the Scottish Enlightenment’

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