Student blog: Helen – “A brief introduction”

Hi, I’m Helen and I’m currently studying English Language and Linguistics in Tübingen, Germany.


As of this morning I’ve been here officially for a week and it has flown past; I’ve met both of my flatmates, some other Erasmus+ students/international students, and Katharina and Simon. Everyone seems really lovely and friendly so far, which is good as my flat isn’t as sociable as in Lancaster. Although I’ve only been here for a week I’m already starting to acquire some typical German traits: I’m not walking across the road unless it’s green (yes, I realise I should have been doing that before), I’m ringing my bike bell at people if they’re in the way and today I even bought some house shoes- truly a transformation (though mainly to protect myself from splinters).

Whilst the quality of music at Sugar is sometimes debatable, from my (limited) experience here it’s better in England. What I’ve heard thus far seems to be music from the 2000’s, heavily featuring the Backstreet Boys and numerous songs I’ve never heard before. Maybe that was just a one-time thing… here’s hoping.

That’s it for now; talk soon?