Geospatial Innovation Seminar


Rachel Murphy (University College Cork), ‘Deep Maps: West Cork Cultures’, 23 May 2018, 2pm (Bowland North SR 07).

Mads Linnet Perner (University of Copenhagen), ‘Residential Segregation in early modern Copenhagen’, 16 May 2018, 2pm (Bowland North SR 03).

Anthony Mandal (Cardiff University), ‘Breaking the Magic Circle: Gothic Literary Narrative and Immersive Play’ — POSTPONED, NEW DATE TBC.

Xavier Rubio-Campillo (University of Edinburgh), ‘Schrödinger’s Neolithic Cat: integrating uncertainty in the study of past spatiotemporal dynamics’, 21 March, 2-3pm (Bowland North SR 06).

Philip Verhagen (VU University Amsterdam), ‘Spatial analysis in archaeology: moving into new territories’, 2 March, 2-3pm (Bowland North SR 04).

Duncan Hay (UCL), ‘Survey of London Whitechapel: Writing East London’s Histories Online’, 15 February, 2-3pm (Charles Carter A05).

Ceri Morgan (Keele University), ‘Mapping Fictional Montreal’, 6 December, 1-2pm (County Main SR 5).

Patricia Murrieta-Flores (University of Chester), ‘Digging into Early Colonial Mexico: Computational Approaches to the Geographic Relations of New Spain’, TBA.



Imogen Wegman (University of Tasmania), ‘”Pretended to the theory of farming”: how a group of incompetents didn’t make Little England in Van Diemen’s Land’, 28 June, 5-6pm (Bowland North SR 02).

Dr James Baker  (University of Sussex), ‘Lots of time but few spaces: hard disks as archives of everyday life’, Lancaster University, 30 May 2017, 5-6pm (Bowland North SR 23).

Dr Martin Zaltz Austwick (UCL), ‘Histories of Whitechapel: crowdsourcing built environment history with an interactive web map’, Lancaster University, 27 April 2017, 1-2pm (Bowland North SR 07).

Dr Katrina Navickas (University of Hertfordshire), ‘Visualising spaces of protest in Victorian Manchester’, Lancaster University, 9 February 2017, 5-6pm, (Bowland North SR 10).

Sarah Cole and Stella Wisdom (British Library Labs), ‘Poetic Places: Geo-curating history and literature for mobile with the British Library’, Lancaster University, 30 November 2016, 2-3pm (Management School LT9).


Dr Christopher Donaldson, Prof. Les Roberts, Dr Matthew Sangster, Dr Joanna Taylor, Roundtable: Digital Visualisation and Victorian Studies, British Association of Victorian Studies Annual Conference, Cardiff University, 31 August 2016.

Prof. James Loxley and Dr Victoria Anker, ‘Mapmaking and map reading: the uses of a digital literary cityscape’, Lancaster University, 1 June 2016, 2-3pm, County Main SR 1.

Prof. Sally Bushell, ‘Spatial and Material Selves: Wordsworth and Blake’ and Prof. Nicola Watson, Biographical Manuscripts Conference, University of Birmingham, May 2016.

Dr Joanna Taylor, ‘Coleridge’s Motion’ and Prof. Tim Fulford, ‘The Aeriform Effusion’, Long Nineteenth Century Seminar, University of Birmingham, 20 January 2016.

Dr Mary Shannon, ‘Mapping Dickens’s London’ and Dr Matthew Sangster, ‘Generic Perspectives on Romantic London’, Long Nineteenth Century Seminar, University of Birmingham, 9 December 2015.