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Geospatial Innovation: A Deep Map of the Lake District is a three-year project which will run from 2015 to 2018. Funded by a Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant and run between Lancaster University and the University of Birmingham, it will develop new understandings of the literary and cultural geographies of one of Britain’s most significant cultural landscapes: the English Lake District. It focuses on a 300


Wastwater. From dreamstime.com.

year period between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, a time that witnessed successive social, cultural, economic and industrial revolutions which impacted on the landscape and contributed to the area’s heterogeneous identity.


The Lake District. From dreamstime.com.

Today, the Lake District comprises an iconic national park alongside places of unprecedented development and post-industrial decay. This project will apply ground-breaking and exploratory digital methods to the study of literature between 1700 and 1900 to investigate how this landscape is composed by multiple subjective viewpoints, and to exemplify how the application of geospatial tools to literary texts can further our understanding of regional identity and literary study.

As part of the project, we’ll be running numerous research and public engagement events; please see here for more information. For details on practical workshops and training sessions please see here. For further information please contact a member of the project team.









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