Principal Investigator

Edward Laird

Dr Edward Laird
Lecturer in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

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Group members

The group recently moved to Lancaster. Many of our group members have an Oxford affiliation and are also members of the QED group there.


Dr Wenjing Yan

PhD/DPhil students

Yutian Wen
Dominic Lennon
Sapna Sinha
Saba Mehshar Khan

MPhys students


Max Taylor (MPhys 2018-19, to Nownano PhD scheme)
Reuben Harding (DPhil 2015-19, to DSTL)
Matthias Mergenthaler (DPhil 2014-2018, to IBM Research)
Felix Schupp (DPhil 2014-2018, to Petta group at Princeton)
Natalia Ares (postdoc 2013-2017, to Ares group)
Greg Rogers (DPhil 2013-2017, to DarkTrace)
Yueze Tan (intern, summer 2016, to PhD programme at Penn State)
Tian Pei (postdoc 2013-2016, to OxNanoSpin group, then as Associate Researcher to Beijing Academy of Quantum Technology Sciences)
James Zhou (intern 2016, to Baringa Partners)
George Fulton (intern 2016, to UKAEA)
Aquila Mavalankar (postdoc 2014-15, to Adaptix)
Gufan Yin (intern, summer 2014, to PhD programme at MIT)
Kelvin Lui (intern, summer 2014)
An Chang (intern, summer 2013, to PhD programme at MIT)
Timmy Lavy (intern, summer 2013)
Jonathan Willetts (intern, summer 2013)