Paper Abstracts

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Lead Author Surname First Name Institution Paper Title Abstract PDF Full Paper PDF (If Submitted)
Abbott Geoffrey QUT Leadership Coaching and Power: Ethical Considerations Abstract Full Paper
Alvehus Johan Lund University Co-producing leadership in a professional context: Institutional logics and the problem of power Abstract Full Paper
Antonacopoulou Elena University of Liverpool Management School Sensuous Leadership for a VUCA World Abstract Full Paper
Appelqvist Maria Malmo University Leadership & Sexuality Abstract Full Paper
Asad Sarosh Copenhagen Business School Narcissistic Leadership and Multi-Level Target Setting of Women Quotas Abstract Full Paper
Birch Jill Birch Grove Inc. Echoes, Images and Words: Exploring Autoethnography’s Capacity to Show Power Relations within Leadership Practices Abstract Full Paper
Chace Sarah Christopher Newport University Context vs. Holding Environment: What’s Power Got To Do With It? Abstract Full Paper
Chaffer Jo Institute for Leadership and Sustainability Pushes and pulls of leadership forms: the genius loci, the dynamic administrator and the space between Abstract Full Paper
Chen Haoyang Hong Kong Baptist University The Relationship Between Gender Stereotypes and Female Leadership Effectiveness: A Study of Female Leaders in Mainland China Abstract Full Paper
Ciulla Joanne Rutgers University Resentment and the Inversion of Values in Trump’s America Abstract Full Paper
Conroy Mervyn University of Birmingham The use of phronesis in ethical decision making for leaders Abstract Full Paper
Conroy Christopher RMIT University Why the quest for authentic organisational leadership is tied up in knots and how creative practice research might help us to set it free. Abstract Full Paper
Cullen John Maynooth University School of Business Moral Injury and Ethical Leadership Abstract Full Paper
Davies Jennifer University of Birmingham “Don’t ask me I’m just an administrator!” A Foucauldian take on Distributed Leadership and Power Abstract Full Paper
Dias Surani Postgraduate Institute of Management The Mirror Image: Authentic Leadership from Leader and Subordinates Perspectives Abstract Full Paper
Empson Laura Cass Business School Ambiguous Authority and Hidden Hierarchy: Collective leadership and power dynamics in a professional service firm Abstract Full Paper
Filosof Jane University of Hertfordshire Followers as leaders: exploring the follower-leader dynamics in a business project with students co-investigators Abstract Full Paper
Gilani Parisa Bournemouth University Leadership Chaos: When Power is in the Hands of Followers Abstract Full Paper
Guthey Eric Copenhagen Business School Start’Em Early: Confessional Culture in US Undergraduate Leadership Development Abstract Full Paper
Humphreys Deborah Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool Business School Cognitive mapping, power and the discursive construction of leader identity Abstract Full Paper
Jacklin-Jarvis Carol The Open University Powerful practice or panacea? Collaborative leadership in the UK voluntary sector Abstract Full Paper
Jackson Lace The Open University Undoing leadership in the shadow of a colonial legacy? Abstract Full Paper
Jimenez-Luque Antonio University of San Diego Leadership, Symbolic Power, and a Process of Cultural Resistance Abstract Full Paper
Johansson Clare Swinburne University of Technology All for One and One for All: Aboriginal Leaders’ Well-Being and Self-Determination Abstract Full Paper
Jordan-Daus Kerry Canterbury Christ Church University Our Leadership Diptych Abstract Full Paper
Kelly Simon University of Huddersfield Rethinking the Leaderful Body: The Jujutsuffragettes and the Gentle Art of Yielding Abstract Full Paper
Knox Merrel Northumbria University Shared leadership in dangerous contexts The implications for emergency response teams Abstract Full Paper
Krauter Jörg Synk Group GmbH & Co To what extend can power affect leaders’ adaptation to adversity in VUCA business conditions – a critical realist view Abstract Full Paper
Larsson Magnus Copenhagen Business School Management and leadership development – empowering who to do what? Abstract Full Paper
Lewis Erica Edge Hill University Power shifts: leading, following, solidarity, sponsorship, mentoring Abstract Full Paper
McKergow Mark Centre for Solutions Focus at Work Above, Below and Sideways: Exploring soft power dynamics in leadership relationships Abstract Full Paper
Metz Rudolf Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences Three Faces of Political Leadership: Possible Interpretations and Practices for Democratic Leadership Abstract Full Paper
Moldjord Christian Norwegian Defence University Collect The Power of Learning Leadership to foster Institutional Reflexivity and High Agility Organising: Lessons from the RNoAFA Abstract Full Paper
Murphy Anne Lancaster University Equalising power, respecting differences and changing the conversation: using a discourse lens to explore collective dimensions of leadership-in-interaction Abstract Full Paper
O’Reilly Dermot Lancaster University Toward a theoretical framework of how domination and dominance are produced Abstract Full Paper
Pagani Michela The Open University City Leaders and the Power of Leadership of Leaders Abstract Full Paper
Pöyhönen Siiri University of Tampere ‘Motivation toilet the best toilet’ – Sociomaterial construction of power in liminal organizational spaces Abstract Full Paper
Prideaux Murray James Cook University Power: The influencing role of Wontok; a Papua New Guinean Context Abstract Full Paper
Rennemo Øystein Nord University Critical leadership – a challenge in the development of a hybrid organization – exemplified by a public sector case study Abstract Full Paper
Sadler-Smith Eugene University of Surrey Hubristic leadership and the intoxication of power: Individual, relational and situational factors Abstract Full Paper
Schara Tomaz IEDC Affialiate Bridging Leadership and Economics Studies Abstract Full Paper
Schedlitzki Doris University of the West of England Developing Apprentice Senior Leaders – challenging and reinforcing the hegemony of the heroic leader? Abstract Full Paper
Schiffmann Sybille Plymouth University Exploring the processes, practices and relationality of shared leadership from a follower perspective Abstract Full Paper
Shapira Reuven Western Galilee College Leaders’ Timely Succession: Neither Term Limits Nor “Golden Parachutes,” Rather Periodic Tests of Ascending Trust Abstract Full Paper
Shapira Reuven Western Galilee College Re-Drawing Concepts: Adding “Trusting” to “Transformational Leadership” Discerns It from Charismatic Leadership Abstract Full Paper
Sharififard Sonya Pepperdine University 21st Century Chinese Leadership: Exploring the Effects of State Owned Enterprises Under Traditional Chinese Philosophies Abstract Full Paper
Spector Bert Northeastern University Leadership in a Post-Truth Moment Abstract Full Paper
Sutherland Neil University of West of England Teaching leadership critically: Threshold concepts, structure and narratives Workshop Introduction
Taylor Scott University of Birmingham The leader’s two bodies: The construction of post-mortem charismatic authority in organizations Abstract Full Paper
Templer Klaus J Singapore University of Social Sciences Supervisor Support and Customer Orientation: Learning Goal Orientation as a Substitute for Leadership Abstract Full Paper
Tomkins Leah The Open University Business School Leadership and the Asymmetrical Politics of Blame Abstract Full Paper
Tourish Dennis University of Sussex Power dynamics, flawed theorizing and (in)authentic leadership theory Abstract Full Paper
Trehan Kiran University of Birmingham Using psychodynamics to uncover leadership practice: Family farm women in action Abstract Full Paper
Virtaharju Jouni Hanken School of Economics Leadership and temporal practices in a military staff exercise Abstract Full Paper
Wang Diansha Lancaster University Followership: Exploring the Role of Trust and Surveillance in Hybrid Contexts Abstract Full Paper
Wijesinghe Samila Reading University Why Are Some Better Than Others? Differences in Manager’s Capacity to Lead Business Continuity and Change Simultaneously Abstract Full Paper
Willocks Katie University of Cumbria Leadership and Power Dynamics in the NHS: Exploring Collaborative Maternity Work through the Lens of “LAP” Abstract Full Paper
Wong Ken The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Power of Ancient Chinese Leadership Ideology in Modern Chinese Companies Abstract Full Paper
Yazid Zaleha Binti National University of Malaysia Exploring Leaders’ Positioning in Self-Managed Team (SMT)The Power of Ancient Chinese Leadership Ideology in Modern Chinese Companies Abstract Full Paper
Zachara Malgorzata Jagiellonian University The Millennial generation in the global quest for power. A leadership dilemma Abstract Full Paper