Carl Burton

Age: 25

Family background:
I come from a broken home and have only ever known one side (my mother’s) of the family. I know who my father is and have met him a number of times over the years as one of my siblings is his daughter Lynsey. But, as he’s never bothered with me, I’ve repaid in kind.

Because of this I wouldn’t consider my family to be huge, but there’s enough to give me headaches every other day. My grandmother is a cake baker by trade and my grandfather was a miner until the day the pit was closed down.

Work and/or community experience:
My work history is short, gaining only temporary, dead-end positions since school, but with all my free time I try to keep myself busy with training courses or doing odd jobs to help friends and family out. I am currently doing an animal care course at Kirkley Hall through Northumberland College and have recently passed a door supervisor’s course.

Reasons for interest in the project:
Initially it was something new, and I had time on my hands anyway, but then I was curious as to how a ‘working class’ area of England had so many social similarities to Aboriginal Australia. Also, I was keen to be part of a group that makes that connection.

I would also really love to learn about the relationship between the Aboriginal group (and locals in general) and their wildlife and compare that with the relationships we have here.

Opportunities/ideas to explore during the project:
I am keen to explore the relationship between people, animals and the environment in order to examine ways in which we might promote well-being in Ashington.