Related research and projects

Look below for links to related research carried out by members of the Curiosity Project and our colleagues, and other interesting information on babies’ and toddlers’ development. 

Lancaster University Psychology

As well as being the home of one of the largest infancy research groups in Europe, Psychology at Lancaster is an exciting research environment in which we use cutting-edge technology to conduct world-leading research in language, perception and action and social processes. 

Lancaster University Babylab

Our amazing research centre, where little scientists come to learn. Our researchers are fascinated by babies’ and children’s development. As well as learning about curiosity, we study how babies learn about objects, actions and emotions, how they learn their first words and phrases, and how they learn to communicate.

ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD)

Our colleagues at the universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester investigate how children worldwide learn language, from their very first words onwards.

University of Manchester Child Study Centre

The latest research into children’s language learning from our colleagues at Manchester University

University of Sussex WORD Lab

Colleagues at the University of Sussex investigate how babies and toddlers learn about objects and words. If you live in the South East and would like your baby scientist to take part in a study, you can sign up on their website.