Lancaster researchers visit Runshaw College

I was delighted to be part of a team of researchers from Lancaster University Psychology Department and Babylab that visited Runshaw College, Leyland at the end of November 2016. PhD researchers, postdoctoral researchers and lecturers gave students a flavour of life in psychological research as well as talking about the fascinating range of work undertaken […]

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Hot off the press!

One of the most exciting things about the Curiosity Project is that we can now 3D print toy objects for children to play with in our studies. By custom designing these toys we can change aspects of them, for example their shape and colour, and see how this affects what children do with them. Here’s […]

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Understanding how children’s curiosity drives their learning

Dr. Katie Twomey explains how the Curiosity Project began with a few lines of computer code For decades, developmental psychologists have used ingeniously-designed studies to investigate how children learn about the things they see. Typically, we show children a category of items and let them become familiar with them. Then, we introduce them to new things. Because […]

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