Supplying clean, secure and sustainable supplies of water, food and energy, while managing waste and optimizing circular economies, is still an aspiration rather a policy-in-operation in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

ACTUATE will encourage the adoption of the anaerobic digester technology and circular economy by showcasing the benefits through co-delivery of community-based demonstration systems in Ghana and Nigeria. 

Our aims are: 

  • Co-create two pilot off-grid anaerobic digestion (AD)demonstrator facilities in Madina Zongo, Accra, Ghana and University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
  • Work with partners to support waste segregation and collection for processing on the demonstrator sites.
  • Provide appropriate energy (light, cooking, electricity) for the community school and university campus facilities in which the demonstrators are embedded. 
  • Highlight issues of hygiene around waste and how to reduce illness.
  • Add value to the waste from anaerobic digestion as a soil conditioner and/or sustainable fertiliser for local food crops.
  • Work with Nigerian and Ghanaian partners to support understanding of the safe circular economy paradigm and enable cultural and generational change within West Africa for wider uptake and adoption of the technology.