ACTUATE is developing anaerobic digestion demonstrator systems in Ghana and Nigeria to deliver electricity, sanitation improvements and sustainable fertilizer for crops.

We are co-delivering two community-based pilot bioenergy systems in Ghana and Nigeria to highlight the technology’s benefits including:

  • Management of waste
  • Energy production from biogas
  • Improving soil and food security
  • Improved health
Our aims
Working with communities

We are working closely with schools, universities, research institutes, NGOs and SMEs to show how this example of a circular economy positively impacts on human health and the environment, as well as looking to develop safer practices with stakeholder groups. The two systems are co-designed with local partners in response to the demands of their settings.

Investment and commercialisation

ACTUATE is engaging with local SMEs and entrepreneurs to support the expansion and pre-commericalisation of the technologies. We are offering training opportunities for stakeholders to manage and support the continued use of the systems.