About the workshop

Business analytics typically involves tasks of prediction and optimisation. They are usually conducted separately and are not well connected. However, there is an increasing demand for developing methodologies to explore efficient ways of combining these tasks, and recently, researchers have looked at the possibility of more integrated approaches.

The aim of the workshop is to provide platform for exchange of ideas, raise awareness of recent developments and stimulate discussion in the intersection of the areas of prediction and optimisation.

Areas of the workshop

We plan to have two streams in the workshop, which will run one after another over the two days:

  1. Methodological:
    • Data-driven optimization
    • Optimization for machine learning and data science
    • Data science for optimisation
    • Forecasting for optimisation / optimising with forecasts
  2. Applications of integration of forecasting and optimisation
    • Inventory planning
    • Pricing
    • Transportation
    • Production planning

Important dates

  • Workshop dates: 2nd and 3rd of April 2020
  • Abstract Submission deadline: 10th of February 2020
  • Registration deadline: 28th of February 2020