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The author's parents sit on a see saw.

Neil Crowther: Escaping the doom loop

Neil Crowther draws on his personal and professional experiences to discuss the interconnectedness of discourses of ageing and older people, social care, disability and dementia. He reflects on the ‘doom loop’ that society appears to be stuck in and asks what an effective, authentic narrative about living with dementia might look like…

Ivana Babicova: Pain and Dementia

Here, Ivana Babicova asks the important question: what happens if we experience difficulties communicating or verbalising our pain? And what can be done to help?

Chris smiles at the camera in front of a lake at the Lake District.

Introductory Blog Post: Chris Sanderson

We’re delighted to welcome our newest member of the team, Chris Sanderson, who has started his PhD with us this month. In this introductory blog post, Chris discusses his previous research, PhD focus and more…

Tom Dening sitting at work, in front of his computer and an open window.

Tom Dening: Hearing aids and cognitive impairment

For people who are accustomed to hearing, changes in hearing ability can significantly impact an individual’s communication and social life. In this blog, Professor Tom Dening discusses his recent experience of getting hearing aids, using this to reflect on the complicated relationship between hearing loss and dementia.

A range of Applied Linguistics books

“What matters in Applied Linguistics? And who determines what matters?”

After attending the 2022 conference of the British Association for Applied Linguistics, attendee Emma Putland reflects on some of the key themes and thinking points to emerge from the conference for her, orienting around two questions asked by the keynote speaker, Khawla Badwan: “What matters in Applied Linguistics? And who determines what matters?”