Week 9 seminar (theme 4)

Theme discussion

For our final seminar, we’ll go a bit deeper into Theme 4 by discussing the examples you’ve collected on digital surveillance and analysing them through the lens of the Panopticon. Particular attention should be paid to opportunities for resistance (real or imagined)

You’ll be using the “talking points” you’ve prepared with your learning group during Week 8.

You can prepare for this as much as you like (by preparing a short presentation with your group, for example) and make as formal or informal as you want (you can also simply “show” the rest of the seminar what your group’s Mural is composed of and walk us through it).

The purpose of this seminar is for you to share with other groups what you’ve been up to, and to get some feedback from them (and me), allowing you to reflect on how you structure arguments, connect them to theory, etc – all important criteria for your assessment.

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