Week 4 group meeting (theme 2)

During Week 4, you’ll be working on preparing for the Week 5 seminar discussion of the relationship between technology and gender, race and disability. You’ll do this using examples from the videos and reading, as well as others you’ve identified on your own. 

If your timetabled group meeting falls early in the week, you might not have progressed as far as you’d like into Theme 2 – that’s ok! Use the meeting to check in on each other, distribute roles for the week (for example, you can each decide to focus on one different aspect, or different source to research examples, etc.), and decide how far you want to go into preparing for the Week 5 seminar: do you want to have some notes in the form of bulleted talking points? Just use Mural to walk the class through your work? A mini presentation?

Outside of this meeting, you can still work as a group asynchronously by popping on Mural / Teams (chat) whenever you can. Before you can contribute to your group Mural, however, you need to have done the following: 


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