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Wednesday, 14th June

18.00-22.00 Informal dinner/drinks for early arrivals* – Boot and Shoe


Thursday, 15th June

09.30-12.00 PhD/Postgraduate workshop
LUMS, LT16                                                                                          Convenors: Hervé Corvellec, María José Zapata Campos, Patrik Zapata & Alison Stowell
12.00-14.00 Registration and Lunch
LUMS Reception Area and Breakout LT2 & 3
13.45-14.25 Welcome to Lancaster University Management School, OTB3, PhD workshop input
Katy Mason, Alison Stowell, María José Zapata Campos
14.25-14.55 Introductory keynote: Professor Josh Lepawsky (online)                      “Scale, magnitude, indeterminacy: some ways they matter for acting on ‘the bin’”
Convenor: Jutta Gutberlet
15.10-16.25 Fraction 1
LUMS, LT01 Support, Sam Cusworth
Theory (I): Temporality

  • Plastic temporalities and the materiality of connection on Christmas Island.
    Saskia Abrahms-Kavuneko, Copenhagen University
  • From thin to thick relations with objects and materials: Constituting subjectivity through new foldings.    Taru Lehtokunnas, Elina Närvänen, Tampere University
  • Tracing household waste: A practice theoretical approach.
    Ulla-Maija Sutinen, Tampere University

Convenor: Mathieu Durand

Fraction 2
LUMS, LT14 Support, Victoria Frausin
Governance (I): Circular Economy 1

  • Comparative governance analysis of approaches to the circular economy in Ireland and Wales.
    Megan O’Byrne, Cardiff University
  • Circular Circuits: Ways to make electronics production and consumption more sustainable in Europe.
    Magdolna Molnár, Brandenburg Technical University.
  • Thinking with organic waste in place: Diverse economies, design and periurban futures in Sydney, Australia.
    Stephen Healy & Abby Mellick Lopes, Western Sydney

Convenor: Lucy Wishart

Fraction 3
LUMS, LT16 Support, Mark Ryan
Behaviour/Practice (I): Households

  • Boundary mechanisms: responsibilities, fractures, and opportunities in multi-unit waste development.
    Bhavan Middha & Ralph Horne, RMIT University
  • “Don’t blame us!’ Centring the role of the household in plastic recycling policy.
    Helen Holmes & Torik Holmes, Manchester University
  • A taste for waste: Situating unsustainable consumption within practices & social structures.
    Alex Skandalis et al, Lancaster University

Convenor: Patrik Zapata

16.25-17.00 Coffee/tea break and Waste safari instructions
John Chweya, María José Zapata Campos, Marta Ferri
LUMS Breakout LT2 & 3
17.15-18.30 Fraction 1
LUMS, LT01 Support, Sam Cusworth
Theory (II): More than humans/multispecies post huma

  • Knowing-with plastics: How to deal with inorganic waste materialities in more-than-human ethnography.
    Alma Onali, Tampere University
  • The place of waste in the material factory of the Fab City. Biowastes and urban craftmanship in the Poblenou District, Barcelona.
    Solene Tixadou & Cyria Emelianoff, Le Mans University
  • Wasting Trajectories and Ecologies in the Venetian Aquapelago.
    Francesca Guarnotta & Giovanni Lorenzi, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Convenor: Alex Skandalis

Fraction 2
LUMS, LT14  Support, Victoria Frausin

Governance (II): Circular Economy 2

  • Leaks at the sewage seams
    Linus Ekman Burgman, Linköpings University
  • The future of plastics and circular economy contexts
    Marta Ferri, Lancaster University
  • Waste into wellbeing: The value of food in transition.
    Lenka Brunclikova & Duncan Pollard, Lancaster University

Convenor: Sarah Surak

Fraction 3
LUMS, LT16 Support, Mark Ryan

Behaviour/Practice (II): Industries

  • Since when does waste matter? Decision making in the real estate sector.
    Louise Huba, Stephanie Van de Voorde, Ine wouters, Linoel Billet, Michael Ghyoot, Vrije Universiteit Brussels
  • Understanding latent tensions in a circular fashion business model.
    Mark Ryan, Lancaster University
  • Plastic packaging waste reduction in food supply chains: The role of supply chain stakeholders.
    Ghadafi Razak et al, Lancaster University

Convenor: María José Zapata Campos

18.40-21.00 Dinner (pop-up) with the Larder – Kay Johnson MBE
Furness Quad


Friday, 16th June

09.00-09.35 Keynote Speaker: Blanca Callén Moreu                                                        “Learning from repair communities: what (electronic) waste can teach design”
Convenor: Alison Stowell
Room – LUMS, LT01
09.45-11.00 Fraction 1
LUMS, LT01      Support, Sam Cusworth
Theory (III): In circulation

  • Waste in circulation.
    Stefan Laser, Sven Bergmann, Nicolas Schlitz, Yusif Idies, University Bochum
  • Beyond micro & macro: a multi-scalar approach to studying waste.
    Stylianos Zavos & Olli Pyyhtinen, Tampere University
  • Re-opening the circle: an interdisciplinary detour into circularity.
    Andrea Bortolotti & Dario Minervini, Polytechnic of Milano & University Fedreico II Napoli

Convenor: Nicolas Schlitz & Yusif Idies

Fraction 2
LUMS, LT14  Support, Victoria Frausin

Governance (III): Policies 1 & Practice

  • Garbage-free cities as the new normal in India
    Devika Ganesan & Prathibha Ganesan, Administrative Staff College (online)
  • Digitalizing Waste Management Work Silvia Bruzzone & Thomas Nyland, Mälardalen University & Effen (online)
  • Governance practices of the grassroots initiatives involved in solid waste management: Does collaboration with local government matter?
    Goodluck Charles Urassa
    University of Dar es Salaam Business School

Convenor  Patrik Zapata

Fraction 3
LUMS, LT16 Support, Mark Ryan
Behaviour/Practice (III): Labour

  • Guns, gangs, and metal: Transformations across Beirut’s infrastructures.
    Elizabeth Saleh, AUB
  • Mapping waste labour in domestic spaces: Interrogating the politics of waste work in urban Kolkata, India. Rageshree Bhattacharyya, South Asian Delhi (online)
  • Unvalued and Unseen: Highlighting forgotten histories and contemporary realities of night soil workers.
    Sally Cawood & Pratik Mishra, Lancaster University

Convenor       María José Zapata Campos

Fraction 4
LUMS, LT03 Support, Alison Stowell

Management (I): Reuse

  • Reusing façade components as a collective endeavour: identifying collaboration structures in pioneering projects.
    Ruben Van Vooren & Esther Geboes, VRIJE University of Brussels
  • Soft toys are hard work: reuse and recycling through UK charity shops.
    Violet Broadhead, Bristol University
  • Labour of Pre-Loved: Promoting Reuse in a Linear Retail System.
    Lucy Wishart et al, St Andrews

Convenor: Clare Mumford

11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea break
LUMS, Breakout LT2 & 3
11.30-12.45 Fraction 1
LUMS, LT01 Support, Sam Cusworth
Theory (IV): Critique

  • Waste as a posthumanist critique.
    Olli Pyyhtinen, Alma Onali, Ulla-Maija Sutinen, Niina Uusitalo, Stylianos Zavos,Tampere University
  • Waste as a resource? A critique of a heroic efficacy.
    Hervé Corvellec, Lund University
  • Wasting generously. From a circular to a digestive logic.Lis
    Doeland, Radbound University

Convenor: Alison Stowell

Fraction 2
LUMS, LT14 Support, Victoria Frausin
Governance (IV): Policies 2

  • Managing waste during the COVID crisis: tensions between hygienic and environmental objectives.
    Mathieu Durand, Rebecca Oates & Helene Beraud, University of France & University Gustave Eiffel.
  • Consumer’s perspectives and disposition patterns of e-Waste: A study with reference to the legislative regime in India*.
    Dolly Singh, Banaras Hindu University
  • Financing solid waste management in Tanzania: Benchmarking to international best practices
    Mesia ILomo & Goodluck Charles, University of Dar es Salaam Business School.

Convenor: Blanca Callen

Fraction 4
LUMS, LT03 Supoort, Mark Ryan
Management (II): Recycling 1

  • Polyphony or cacophony? Exploring multiple stakeholder values and situated dialogues within the process of polymer recycling.
    Clare Mumford et al, Lancaster University.
  • Fly tipping as a question of responsibility in highly regulated waste management systems.
    Julia Perczel & Helen Holme, University Manchester
  • Recyclers and recycled: path and challenges across the continents.
    Francisco Suarez, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

Convenor: Lucy Wishart

12.45-13.45 Lunch
LUMS, Breakout LT2 & 3
13.45-14.15 Keynote speaker: Patrik Zapata                                                                  “Local governments and waste – an elephantine problem, assumptions, and collaborative dreams”
Convenor: Hervé Corvellec (Room: LUMS, LT01)
14.15-15.00 Panel 1. Ocean Plastics: Practice, research, and policyPanellists: John Chweya, Lauren Munro-Bennett, Alexandra Harrington, Crispin Halsall
Convenor: Marta Ferri
Room – LUMS, LT01
15.15-16.30 Fraction 1
LUMS, LT01 Support, Sam Cusworth
Theory (V): Ethics and Environmental Justic

  • Waste as a disruption to unitary understandings of environmental justice
  • Wang Kun, Guangzhou Institute of Geography (online)
  • Interrogating the ‘ideological position’ of Clean India Mission
    Avinay Yadav, University of London
  • Grassroots greening: Local Composting as fertile ground for waste diversion while challenging the environmental injustice.
    Sarah Surak, Salisbury University

Convenor: Lenka Brunclikova

Fraction 2
LUMS, LT14 Support, Victoria Frausin
Governance (V): Stakeholder Dynamics

  • Waste as commons, towards a sustainable and just society within planetary boundaries.
    Patrik Zapata & María José Zapata Campos, University of Gothenburg
  • ‘Every small action helps towards the greater cause’: Online communities scaling up community-led citizen science in addressing litter challenges in Scotland.
    Noleen Chikowore, St Andrews University
  • Network of disaster waste management stakeholders: a case of the Roya Valley (South France) after storm Alex.
    Gaïa Marchesini & Helene Beraud, University Gustave Eiffel

Convenor: Ghadafi Razak

Fraction 4
LUMS, LT03 Support, Mark Ryan
Management (II): Recycling 2

  • Branded waste: Teijin and the closed-loop recycling of polyester.
    Katarzyna Cwiertka, Leiden University
  • Evolution of material salvage in demolition practices: A preliminary study on shifting trends in twentieth-century Brussels – Lara Reyniers, Stephanie Van de Voorde & Ine Wouters, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Strategies for persistence under the absence of the rule of law: Learning from local recycling practices in the context of Lebanon.
    Rita Nasr, Henley Business School

Convenor: Divya Joyti

Fraction 5
LUMS, LT16  Support, Alison Stowell
Epistemologies (I): Framing & Methods 1

  • What do landfills teach us?
    Daniel Sosna, Institute of Ethnology – Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Knowing Styrofoam: Exploring the epistemology of a hyperobject.
    Niina Uusitalo, Tampere University
  • Waste Society: Living with material overflows.
    Teemu Loikkanen, University of Lapland

Convenor: Hervé Corvellec

16.30-17.00 Coffee/tea break
LUMS Breakout LT2 & 3
17.00-18.00 Coach departs for Lancaster city centre and waste safari walk (please do not be late)
Convenor: Marta Ferri, John Chweya, María José Zapata Campos
Kings Arms, Lancaster city centre – (coach returns to Campus at 21:30 hrs)


Saturday, 17th June

09.00-09.35 Keynote Speaker – Trisia Farrelly (online)

“Ending plastic pollution and waste colonialism? Reflections on global plastics treaty negotiation”

Convenor: Dr Alison Stowell

09.45-11.00 Fraction 2
LUMS, LT01 Support, Victoria Frausin
Governance (VI): Working conditions

  • “Treated like trash…?” – how management scholarship calls out the marginalisation of people in factories in the practice of codes of conduct but fails to address it in its own research.
    Divya Jyoti, Lancaster University
  • Public discontent: Mobilizing community resources against ExxonMobil’s oil and gas waste disposal at Haags Bosch sanitary landfill in Guyana. (online)
    Kesha Fevrier, Queens University

Convenor: Marta Ferri

Fraction 5
LUMS, LT16  Support, Mark Ryan
Epistemologies (II): Framing & Methods 2

  • Value in architecture: Designing with waste.
    Simone Ferracina, Edinburgh University
  • Away from downstream waste management approaches: The heuristics of the metabolic perspective.(online)
    Jeremie Cave & Yann-Philippe Sustainability Sciences, GET/IRD & Anthropology, LISST/CNRS
  • Sea PET 2150 Scenario bricolage: Participatory plastic waste eco-aesthetics and urban graphic objects.
    Katarina Dimitrijevic & Robert Harland, Loughborough University

Convenor: Patrik Zapata

11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea break
LUMS, Breakout LT2 & 3
11.30-12.05 Keynote speaker: Manisha Anantharaman (online)“Recycling Class -The contradictions of inclusion in urban sustainability”
Convenor: Lucy Wishart
12.05-12.50 Panel 2. Waste work: Policy, research, and practicePanellists: Patrick O’Hare, Michael Rendon, María José Zapata Campos
Convenor: Lucy Wishart
12.50-13.35 Fraction themes feedback, Waste Safari winners, closing of conference, next steps
Mngt School LT01
13.35-14.15 Lunch
Mngt School Breakout 2 & 3
14.15-14.45 Coach to field trip – visit to RELIC (leaving outside LUMS)
14.45-17.45 Field Trip: RELIC
17.45-18.15 Return to Campus (Drop off outside LUMS)
18.30 Informal dinner* Greaves Park Hotel


Sunday 18 June

TBC Day/Afternoon social for remaining OTBers*