Kim Plunkett

How infants construct a lexical-semantic network.

Catherine Tamis-LeMonda

Learning in context: the active infant in a responsive world.

Victoria Southgate

A new view on early perspective taking.

Laura Bosh

Language learning in bilingual contexts: a closer look at input properties.

Sabina Pauen

A closer look at the process of self- and co-regulation in early childhood research.

John P. Spencer

Using fNIRS and DFT to understand how working memory capacity changes in early development. 

Daniel Swingley

What Infants Know and Don’t Know About Their Language

György Gergely

The Pragmatic Sense: Communicative Mind-Reading without Language

Olivier Pascalis

On the Linkage between Face Processing, Language Processing, and Narrowing during Development

Luca Bonatti

Precursors of Logical Reasoning in Prelinguistic Infants

Larissa Samuelson

Biased Vocabulary + Visual Attention and Memory Processes = A Shape Bias: A Dynamic Neural Field Model

Jochen Triesch

Learning Where to Look: Infants and Robots