project team

This is a three-way collaboration: Lancaster University, Society and College of Radiographers and Me&Her, the main driver for all parties is to improve sexual wellbeing and care of women who are undergoing treatment for gynaecological cancer.

Lisa Ashmore, Lancaster Medical School, Lancaster University

Lisa is Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences at Lancaster Medical School. Her research focusses on experiences of technology in healthcare. She considers multiple perspectives in her work including organisations, patients, practitioners, families and carers. She uses insights from Science and Technology Studies to think about knowledge production, accountability, responsibility and care as results of interactions with technologies.
Her work is based on collaboration and engagement with NHS organisations and academic institutions and she is keen to apply participatory methods. The methods she uses in her research include conducting workshops and focus groups but she also uses other social science methods, such as ethnography (to explore cultures of practice) and narrative methods (to explore experiences of healthcare).
Prior to completing her PhD, Lisa trained and worked as a Therapeutic Radiographer. She has gathered experience from a number of different contexts and become increasingly interested in how we could understand patients’ experiences of radiotherapy treatment better. Significantly how we could support patients and practitioners in understanding the effects of radiotherapy, thinking about wellbeing, relationships and sexuality in order to move beyond physical or pathological description.

Vicky Singleton, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University

Vicky is Professor at Lancaster University, based in the Sociology Department. She has worked at Lancaster University since 1992, prior to which she trained as a Registered General Nurse. She is Director of the Centre for Science Studies and she also works in the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies. She has researched in the area of gender, sexuality, health and biomedicine from completing her doctorate (1992), which focused on women’s experiences of cervical screening.
Vicky’s research interests focus on the relationships between technologies and care and between on-the ground practices and policy. She is passionate about promoting health care that is accessible to all and that is responsive to diverse needs, concerns and lived experiences. In this project, as in most of her work, she is especially interested to work alongside patients and professionals to explore how radiotherapies and their related care practices can better support patients during and after their treatment.

Susie Layzell – Therapeutic Radiographer, Lancaster University

Ali Hanbury & Rachael Eastham – Me&Her

Rachel Harris Society and College of Radiographers

Rachel Verrall – Project Administrator, Lancaster University